Crepaway’s ‘All Good’: absurdity abused


Crepaway’s ‘All Good’: absurdity abused

By Admin I: so back to advertising, the field that surprisingly suffers from less mafia domination if compared to what we’ve seen from this country’s design sphere the past couple of days.

It seems like advertising is reaching a rough phase in this country. Give it a look, we have 2 main trends: storytelling (the new black) brought to you by classicists like Leo Burnett and their Ksara campaign that’s currently running a competition among students for additional stories (don’t ask me how irrelevant that is), and the trend of the total non-sense absurd that we totally encourage (in moderate doses), brought to you mainly by Interesting Times and their LB beer campaigns.

This is chaos, irrelevant advertising solutions are mainly split between those approaches with no intention to make a step further. The equation is simple: mature audience = storytelling, young and fun = absurd. Eh, no. It doesn’t work that way people!

Lorem Ipsum (yes it’s an agency that even google had barely heard of) launched its new online for Crepaway, an approach mainly depending on positive absurdity and odd moments (how Diesel ‘be stupid’ is that, aka Last summer on earth, you know the confusion between those 2).

So the production looks poor, a shaky art direction and post-production (coloring added unnecessary cheese), but a working overall campaign, you know the type that goes viral because it can be ‘funny’ to facebook’s desperate housewives. One of the campaign’s main drawbacks is rhythm; some of the stereotypical characters are indeed funny in that video, but excessive repetition gave it less impact, became borderline boring in some places (you know what happens when you chew a gum for a whole day).

Good attempt you people, just don’t get too excited with your work next time, too fun can become too boring.

  1. a said:

    I don’t get what gives you the authority to judge advertising campaigns when your’re a bunch of stupid graphic design hipster wanna-bes with no experience or taste.

    • Admin I said:

      No one, we don’t believe in authority or hierarchy. Thanks for the comment.

    • EsteemedAdCritic said:

      When you go to a restaurant, do you refrain from judging the food?
      I stopped watching at 0:03. Too boring for me.

  2. b said:

    I don’t agree with what “a” said above, since everyone has the right to comment on adverts, and your opinions are usually on the money. Having said that, I do have one complaint: why don’t you get someone who can actually write in English? Your posts are very poorly written.

  3. Cynt said:

    For once I’d like to read a post thats not full of negativity! 95% of what you say is mostly insults. What would be great is to actually see some of your own work and then we’d actually know if you have the experience, knowledge and creativity to mock other peoples work.

    • Admin I said:

      Why are we obsessed with a balanced debate?
      This blog is not about individuals and not about self-promotion,
      I have to say what I have to say, it’s called freedom of expression.

  4. To all the above, are you guys newbies? This is always how Brofessional was.
    They have an opinion just like your moma, just happens they are a blog.


    • ASM said:

      Exactly! After the last post that was taken down, this blog has been viewed by many people who heard of the “negative” post that was written and just randomly decided that they want to change this blog. GO READ THE PREVIOUS POSTS PEOPLE! when it is well-deserved, several posts were very heart-warming (like the one about ZWZ brannch in gemayzeh If you still don’t like what you read UNFOLLOW the blog and spare our ears and eyes!

  5. What is this? a “let’s include all cool trends and vintage colors and that overrated Twitch plugin” video? And seriously, Myriam Klink? What’s this video about again? OH..Crepawayyy!

    What’s more sad is that this video has got so much popularity.

    Kill me now.

  6. D.H. said:

    Hey bitterjuice, do you have any more hatred to squeeze in there?
    I m no brofessional but I think the song is great & the video is cool – no fuss, just fun and that’s the whole idea.
    A little piece od advice: get yourself an imaginary friend to play with on saturday night, you could use some fun!
    And for Ms. Nathalie K, here’s a favor: BANG!! I just shot you! HAHAHA

    A desperate housewife who shared it on her fb wall.

  7. D.H. said:

    Hey bitterjuice, do you have any more hatred to squeeze in there?
    I m no brofessional but I think the song is great & the video is cool – no fuss, just fun & that’s the whole idea.
    A little piece of advice: get yourself an imaginary friend to play with on Saturday night – you could use some fun.
    And for Ms. Nathalie K, here’s a favor: BANG!!! I just shot you! HAHAHA

    A desperate housewife who shared it on her fb wall.

  8. Burble Haze said:

    The campaign served its purpose. The video has gone viral because of the humor that you obviously do not have. The art direction, the production and all the elements you mentioned were done this way on purpose to serve the concept that you did not grasp. The NOT so “brofessional” review of yours reveals how unexperienced you are in the design field and how little your know and research things before you puke something negative about each and every thing you see.

    I mean for god’s sake, you’re still in university so you are still quite lost and barely know anything regarding this industry. You can say your opinion, you can be negative. However, if you know anything about being professional, you will know that the way you are addressing these issues show to the blind how low and completely rude and unprofessional you are which makes you lose so much credibility.

    I am hoping for people to stumble upon what you wrote about Pascal Zoghbi and Nadine Chahine’s fonts just so they know what I am talking about. Utterly demeaning, stupid and shows lack of cultivation. Try to be more constructive and less of a shame to (university name deleted) design department.

    P.S: as for your alleged “freedom of expression”, know that “One person’s freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins”


    • Admin I said:

      I just have 1 note to mention, ‘brofessional’ stands for ‘unprofessional’, hence we never ever claimed something that we aren’t.
      Thanks for the time you spent writing.

  9. josef said:

    I don’t agree with many posts in this blog, but I tend to agree with this one.
    This video is simply a pile of beautifully decorated RUBISH…

    • Rolling Stone said:

      Yay! Just like David Lachappelle!!

  10. Rayan said:

    Being an outsider and going over the reviews that you guys write every once in a while, I must say you should be really proud of the work you’re presenting. The design field in Lebanon lacks enthusiastic brave minds, only a few people dare to be brave enough to write honest criticism so that others, especially people behind these campaigns can benefit from (I heard that the organizers of the Almaza campaign took your comments into consideration last time and added the appropriate corrections). Having said that, you know you’re going to find haters everywhere especially when you’re that successful! Looking forward to reading more interesting posts.

  11. Wow this so interesting!

    Well, I think good art reflects the truth about a society, just like Marylin Manson reflects the rottenness of American culture, this video with all its elements reflects the nature of our society, a kind of trash 🙂

    Good art leaves a trace in the viewer, it moves something in him, it leaves an after taste… Average art goes unnoticed…

    Klink is kitsch, saturated colors also, repetition is our culture’s trademark, humor also…

    Minimalism is not the only refined art, saturated art goes deeper because it is more free in the spirit, minimal art feels kind of rigid and constipated…

    • Admin I said:

      Hello Hady,
      I can see how you analysed what they did in that commercial (very far from art), but we’ve never ever preached minimalism.
      We believe that art could take any form, any shape and any connotation, but when it comes to a consumerist mean of communication such as advertising, some criteria should be discussed,
      the ‘why’ they took this approach is very essential, the ‘where’ they took the brand with that approach, is very very problematic..
      See, communication should have a purpose that’s a bit deeper than an absurd approach stuck to anything.. Art is more free and liberating for sure.

      • WonderBank said:

        Those Who Cant’s Teach, those who can’t even teach..Review 🙂
        I Like the Video and i believe our lebanese society needs little shockers like these, + art direction and cinematography looks awesome (some of the best work i’ve seen here); where do you come of preaching to people what good communication is ?
        I believe the message is clear, all the way from the title of the vid to the songs lyrics to the fun absurdity present in the video!

      • ASM said:

        please can u explain to me what is the message behind this vid exactly? What’s so awesome about it? I had to try and watch it like 5 times in parts to be able to watch the full thing. i thought maybe there is something in that vid in later parts that is that good…. NOPE! nothing!
        There is the kind of absurdity that is actually fun (trident’s ads) and there is the kind that just underestimates our brain’s capacity and intelligence…
        By the 30th second (max) you completely forget what the whole thing is about! This is poor advertisement.

  12. Doudé said:

    Take a chill pill brofessional people. Seriously. This is fun. And cool. And refreshing. Punto basta. It does not mean nor pretend to be anything more than that. So relax. Sit back. Watch. And enjoy 🙂

  13. ابسورد: الغرابة. غير مفهوم. اللا منطق. أنا أوافق آل بروفاشينل في رأيهم وتحليلهم الصريح لفيديو كرابواي. على التحليل سأضيف شيئا واحدا أجده في منتهى الأبسورديته، أي باللغة العربية في منتهى الغرابة واللامنطق: الحملة أجمعها باللغة الانكليزية!
    . كأن كرابواي يقول لي: لا تتكلّمين الانكليزية، فاذا لا يمكنك أن تأكلي عندنا. قلّة احترام. ولكلّ من قد يستهزىْ أنو : “وات ذي ف*** إز شي رايتنغ؟ أرابيك! أو ماي غاد! دو زوس بيبول ستيل إكزيست؟”
    أقول: إيه حياتي، آي اكزيست، ونحنا كتار. يا كرابواي، يا زعتر وزيت (ع فكرة زعتر وزيت، اللغة العربية حلال) ، يا رودستر، يا نونّا، يا برغر دجوينت… يا حلوين، ذوقوا واحترموا المحلّي وطبيعتكن وحكوني عربي بالمينيو وبدعاياتكن. وأنا بأكدلكن أنو ما بيصير معكن مغص. والله.

    • Admin I said:

      حبيناكي يا دلال، ايمتى راح تكتبيلنا مواضيع بالعربي لننشر؟

      • T1000 said:

        تباً لكم ايها الصعاليك حين تتكلمون الافرنجية، تفضلي يا اختاه بالعيش معنا.. فنحن قبيلة من البدو الاصيليين ف ي صحراء العرب لا نستعمل التويلت بايبر و لا الانترنت
        ملاحظة: ذيس ميوزيك فيديو از نوت فور بيبول يور ايج ايتها الجدة، و دمتم بعون الله

      • .هاي أدمن آي. أنا كمان
        . أكتب حين يكون لدي شي يحرز أن أعلّق عليه. الظاهر أنو في كتير اسمالله.

    • Laurence of Arabia said:

      أي لايك يور ستايل يا دلال

      • Admin I said:

        Behave J.!

      • ايه شكرا لورنس!

  14. أأفت عليك يا تي١٠٠٠
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    للتتثبيت في المنطق السويّ وغير المولّف مسبقا.

    أنت تجبرني أن أرد عليك الآن، لأنك ما تفضلت به هنا بالذات هو الكليشيه الذي أمقته أكثر من غيره والذي يجعل أملي خائبا من أشخاص مبدعين (مثل حضرتك يمكن…) ومن
    بينهم من يعتقد أن قمة الإكزوتيسم أن يأكلوا مجدرة. ياااي! أعيد ما قلته أنت بسخرية سطحية: أنا أتكلم العربية أنا إذ رجعّية، وأضرب كمان، خليجية (لما استشفيته من ذكرك ! ؟؟؟واو! للصحراء. أتكلم الانكليزية، أو أية لغة أجنبية أخرى (بضمّ الألف) فأنا إذا عصريّة.

    بس يا تي، بس يا قلبي، راجع لائحة الكليشيهات خاصتك لأنو الظاهر هيدي صارت متل التويليت بايبر. تفضّل نرفزتني. شو بعمل فيك هلق!

    ملاحظة لذكر الجدات:
    لمعلوماتك يا حديث العهد، جدتي كانت تتكلم الفرنسية بطلاقة، وهي نفسها كانت جردية. أي من الجرد، وهو المنطقة الجبلية التي تطغى عليها الطبيعة غير المشوهة

  15. Admin-Wanna-B said:

    I could only waste 1:48 minutes of my precious time before I paused the video, because I found no use in watching the rest… and to be honest, it got on my nerves!!!

    I don’t see anything “fun” in it – the music, the idea, the colors, the people… It didn’t feel anything when watching but “annoyed”.

    I like Crepaway, and the fact that I agree with brofessional review’s opinion doesn’t mean I dislike them now. I just don’t feel that this campaign added anything to them – which is “OK”, if they’re fine with that 🙂

    On the other hand, whoever felt insulted or disrespected with this post should take this less personally.
    They are not targeting people, they are only criticizing (constructively) “ideas”.

    (PS: Whoever thinks that this is “weak” English and that the posts are poorly written, please, enlighten us and rewrite them in your Shakespearic way 🙂 )

    Good job BR! Keep up the good work!

    • Admin I said:

      Thank you! (P.S: we never claimed to criticise constructively:) )

  16. Admin-Wanna-B said:

    Admin I, I did! 😛

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