Touch – MyPlan nails end of year season!

Touch – MyPlan nails end of year season! 

By Admin I: It seems that the only worthy advertising competition in Lebanon is going between the two telecommunication brands Alfa and Touch that keep on topping expectations and setting new standards for good genuine Lebanese advertising. As mentioned in earlier posts, what’s smart in these two cases is the fact that each is using a different approach; while alfa speaks to the mass using Lebanese insights and slangs (kudos to Rana Najjar on the copywriting job and congrats for the Effies award on ‘Uchat’) Touch and JWT Beirut decided to make the shift.

‘MyPlan’ is probably ‘the’ eye candy of 2012, with a meticulous work on art direction and set design, producing what is indeed a spot-on set of visuals that you’d put on a loop each and every time to be able to catch all details. So if your competitor speaks to a certain level of audience, play your smart card and add to it, and that’s exactly what JWT did by the well calculated reach for Mashrou’ Leila’s lead singer ‘Hamed Sinno’ to add his signature vocals to the campaign, and here you go, now you have all Lebanese hipsters and their unicorns set to fantasize about a TVC!!

I’m sure ‘MyPlan’ has its flaws, conceptually, but the fun witty copywriting firing alfa’s midline from one end, and hinting MTC’s previous ‘bati2, sari3’ from the other, totally sells this work of genuine visual art (fingers crossed, I don’t want to receive a video spotting a copycat!).

If you’re an agency that truly cares about art direction and doesn’t ignore ‘design’ because of a pretentious claim of having too much work to do, then you’re totally worth respect! Congrats JWT!


Agency: JWT Beirut
Client: MIC2
Brand: Touch
Production House: Beyoruth Prod.
Executive Producer: Pierre Sarraf
Director: Ali Ali
Art Director: Martin Krejlic
DOP: Pierre Mouarkech
Producer: Joanna Saliba
Production Manager: Reine Razzouk
Production Coordinator: Christy Massabni
Casting Director: Mia Daybess
Wardrobe Manager: Maya Kassis
Props: Mike Kahi, Najib Mrad, Sara Chaoul, Rana Chaoul, Joe Youssef, Elie Khayat, Ali Serhane
Grading: Dima Geagea
Music Score: Sary Hany
Performance: Hamed Sinno

  1. HishamAD said:

    I like it, its a fun catchy video.
    They even used keywords from Alfa’s ads like “khat lal wasat” (that’s what i can remember)

    Let’s hope it’s contagious

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    It’s a lovely addition to Ali Ali’s showreel. Not so for JWT. I think it’s just a glorified jingle. I don’t see any big idea here.

  3. josef said:

    Hm, although I was entertained by the “video clip” aspect (I loved the song and the art direction) I feel this effect of many sets in 1 has been done before.
    Ali Ali is known to be a copycat lover (panda?), so i wouldn’t be surprised if a similar ad or clip is published before.

  4. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Have to disagree with you. I think Ali Ali’s work is outstanding. He has produced some of the most original campaigns in the region. If one of his TVCs bared a slight resemblance to an old beer commercial, I don’t think that’s a reason to discredit him.

  5. josef said:

    I like his work, don’t get me wrong, his reel is fantastic and he is a passionate guy who clearly likes to art direct to the perfection his clips… but it is a fact that his reel has A LOT of resemblance with many international work. and I don’t mean conceptually only, but also as directing style. He is not the only one to be “inspired” by international work, and this is not necessarily a negative thing.

  6. josef said:

    so, take another ad( ), add to it Mashrou3 layla song with good art direction and you will get a new touch ad?
    As I said the ad entertained me, but the effect turned out to be, another copycat!

    • Admin I said:

      We tweeted and shared that link before your comment to take people’s opinion; we don’t think it’s a copy, the dollhouse idea is not new whatsoever, and’touch’ is already managed by Zain. Even at the level of concept, Touch is way more original since it suits the ‘my new world concept’ while the other is floating.. Not really a copycat.

      • josef said:

        Apology, I don’t want to sound a party popper, I liked the new Touch ad and was entertained by it… it is the kind of ads that I would like to watch more often. but I had doubts on Ali Ali not getting “inspired” for once by another style and I was right. I am not sure whether client enforced this effect since it is the same company, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ali got this direction from an international reference… I am sure if you dig out more even Zein ad might be inspired by another one. i said what needs to be said, at the end I hope we get more of these.

      • Admin I said:

        I don’t know Ali Ali but I know that a director usually executes what the creative team plans. So in any case of ‘inspiration’ he won’t be the one to blame; The guy did a splendid visual job that he should be credited for.

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        That Zain commercial is too horrible to inspire anyone.

    • Admin I said:

      very similar, but the one featured is the closest, guess why?! IT’S THE SAME DIRECTOR THAT DID THE TWO!!!

  7. Maybe its just me but i cant see the link between all the things that are going on in the ad and the end result that you are now able to plan your call internet sms etc…

    • Admin I said:

      it’s clear, they’re saying that now everyone (stereotypes shown) can find his demand with the new personalized touch service.

  8. cool, its just me then 🙂
    i think an mp3 version of this ad will be a hit…

  9. Emile said:

    Looks like the owner of the ad that was posted above by AdMonkey removed it.
    Don’t know if this is what you guys are talking about, But this is exactly the same ad with exactly the same ending (wide shot at the end showing the entire set) directed by the same director.
    I understand Inspiration, but coming from the director of the Panda commercials and one of the good agencies in Beirut, it’s kinda disappointing to see mass production of the same ideas.

    • Admin I said:

      Yes this is what convinced us of the resemblance, we still think that Touch is a beautiful visual work, it’s just less original.

  10. Maroun said:

    I admit the visual work is beautiful but … can you check the below link of “carrier egypt 2009” ? COPY PASTE!!

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