Exotica Christmas 2012: FalalalaYAWN

  Exotica Christmas 2012:  FalalalaYAWN

By Admin I: So the holidays season is officially ON! Christmas is here, there and everywhere; glitters, sparkles, raped credit cards and all what follows. Exotica Christmas is here as well, I know I know I said we’re not going to review Exotica anymore since it’s becoming very much a la ‘Zein el Atat’ standards and we don’t feature such campaigns in this blog, but there’s something about it that intrigues our curious visual buds.

Despite the fact that the old Exotica ads were of a high creative value, the brand never managed to make the Christmas campaign as interesting as the other approaches; who said Christmas should be a big ball of glittery cliches flattened from all conceptual layers?! Anyhow, this year the brand preserved the boringly uninteresting curve of campaigns even though this time, the visual doesn’t look as badly directed as the latest 2 or 3 campaigns.

“Crafting Christmas” is too dull, too naive and too school-like project that adds nothing but a firm statement that the creative team behind the brand is turning deaf ears to criticism and totally neglecting the urge for improvement.

  1. YesYes said:

    Did they change agencies? Still Leo?

    • Admin I said:

      It’s most probably Leo, no revealed change.

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    It’s not the awards season yet. Don’t expect any good work from Leo Burnett 😉 Give them a month or two and they will shove another feminist Cannes bait down our throat. (Khede Kasra, 7otteh shwerib, keleh jazra, etc.)

    • Admin I said:

      Hahaha, This comment is epic!!

  3. adminG said:

    Ha! this review made me so laugh! 😀

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