De’Longhi, the show-stopper lacking an audience

De’Longhi, the show-stopper lacking an audience

By Admin I: So this campaign has been making quite a buzz online, for the showcased ‘creativity’ using printing techniques that react to water and humidity in order to convey the De’Longhi dehumidifiers’ concept.

Whether the technical term for this is a creative media buy, an interactive outdoor, or another ‘pappaz’ advertising term (save the ambient comment, it’s not an ambient), it is a must to call it a show-stopper in the midst of all the visual chaos when it comes to outdoors. But let me tell you one thing, such campaigns are only done for award shows. Absolutely no audience will really notice the gradual change or chemical reaction, unless the agency (Drive Dentsu, in this case) will recruit someone, stick him to those panels to explain the idea to every single person.

Okay so wow, great job, you discovered a magic ink, but when it comes to visual communication, you failed, like BIG time. There is no communication tool here, nothing, simply because your audience wouldn’t exist if we exclude award shows and couch potato bloggers (like us), waiting to catch new campaigns.

Drive Dentsu Beirut has been producing some good caliber work without being able to compete on a local level. The portfolio includes some clever ideas for Tanmia, planitair, and the beautifully art directed Jammal Trust Bank.

In BR, we don’t believe in advertising that lacks a real audience a la ‘no women no rights’ campaign. Cheers!

  1. I had no idea they were using any special ink. Just thought of it as a regular billboard. I completely agree with your verdict!

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Take the medium away and you’re left with a very bland idea. Humidity makes things wet? Thanks for enlightening me.

  3. mmm… If they made the change clearer or more severe and highlighted on it, it would have been really successful…
    Maybe they’re communicating with the target audience…(not the general public)

    • Admin I said:

      The target audience? people who stand in front of it and wait for the rain? Does this audience exist?

      • jasmine said:

        No that’s not what I meant… By communicating with the target audience i meant, they’ll understand it well and will be very effective if they notice a difference which won’t be easy because it might not rain for a month…
        I think the idea is great but the execution should have been done differently…

      • Admin I said:

        Yes indeed.

  4. Mikess said:

    I believe that this activation has not been developed for people walking or driving OOH.
    I think the objective of the team behind this creative stunt if for it to go viral i.e. the target audience is people online and not the ones who will stand next to the wall sign to notice the transition.


    • Admin I said:

      Even if, it’s a flat approach done to impress not to be effective. So the ink fades away when mixed with water, okay, so what? There’s much to evoke around the brand and dehumidifiers.. It sadly has no relevant concept.

  5. Mikess said:

    Sorry Admin, I don’t totally agree with you.
    I think this campaign is the outcome of a very interesting insight.
    I believe that one of the major opportunities of the dehumidifiers is that people are ignorant towards the dangers of humidity!People tend to ignore the dangers of things they don’t see…

    Moreover, if you dig a little bit more, you’ll notice that this creative stunt was part of a multi visual campaign that also focussed on the fact that you would consider to prevent yourself from humidity if you really SEE its harms (bugs, mold…)

    • Admin I said:

      So the insight here is that people are ignorant towards the dangers of humidity, and that it harms (bugs, molds..). Excuse my ignorance but i still don’t see why should people get interested in such a product for that reason, while they have a million other priority. This has no concept. People do not relate to such absurd insights that are barely thought of. Those creatives did not link it to everyday life or engaged people in any possible way.

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