Spinneys juggling its brand position

Spinneys juggling its brand position

By Admin nc: Dear Spinneys, you are changing dramatically your brand position as if you are implying that the Lebanese ideology is based on irrationality and illiteracy. You keep on airing radio spots that sound like the man who sells kaaek on the streets, reflecting specific standards of the brand image, then you make a big switch broadcasting a TV commercial trying to sell Spinneys as part of the “Lebanese legacy” and even daring to place it as part of the Lebanese culture! I believe you are using tentative claims in this new commercial; at least have the courtesy not to be as tantamount as other TV commercial’s concept and approach based on emotions and memories! I thought we’re done with such approaches after being used and abused by banks, cake brands, dairy products and more, not to mention the sloppy art direction and the overwhelming amount of cliches in this campaign in particular.

In 2009 Spinneys were celebrating their 11th anniversary and this year they decided to celebrate again their 64th anniversary (spotted by Beirut NTSC). We need to start demarcating behaviors like that, because you’re taking your audience for granted with each and every campaign, after doing so to your poor employees.

One last question; what kind of communication strategy are you using? I’m honestly lost!

  1. MadMan said:

    Its funny you mention Spinneys, who recently celebrated they’re 64th anniversary. Yet i just found this ad from 2009 that says they’re celebrating they’re 11th anniversary!

    • Admin I said:

      We mentioned that in the post dear 🙂

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    So is it 11 or 64 years of abuse against their employees? I hope it’s only 11.

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