Almaza, what have you done?


Almaza, what have you done?

By Admin Nk: You might wonder who’s responsible for this design chaos: well its the collaboration between YASA (Youth Association for Social Awareness) and LASIP (Lebanese Association for Sports Injuries Prevention) with Almaza. I mean, before we begin with the campaign’s crucial criticism, have you seen the website of both NGOs? How about their previous campaigns? I guess I won’t judge, I mean..It’s hard to hire good designers and web developers these days (sarcasm intended).

I admire the use of Lebanese slang language, really, but have you read those sentences? I felt like some street guy talking to me (in other words, “wozze” language). What about the “italic” and Microsoft Word Arabic font? It’s hideous and I wouldn’t have been able to read it if I was driving. The illustrations are priceless: first we see a badly vectorized car, on another one we spot an over used hideous smiley face placed at the corner, a so-called “sketchy” sketch of a seat belt and finally a bullet completely out of style and concept. And no, let’s not hide behind the NGO sympathetic budget excuse, any agency would do free work for NGOs as they’re considered award magnets by excellence.
After all this, all I can think about is “why why why would Almaza do this to themselves”. Almaza has always been known for its funny, creative, super fun Lebanese ads (Almaza light commercial not included). Even if it’s a collaboration with YASA, can’t you like, do something about that?! Seriously, what’s going on people?
  1. The font is K Nasim, and yes the whole campaign SUCKS big time!!
    that’s what happens when an NGO decides to take the initiative FOR FREE 🙂

    • Admin I said:

      Whatever it is, this typeface looks badly designed on such application..
      All NGO work is free, even the ones by multinational agencies, even a freelancer could’ve done a better job.. so budget is not an excuse..

  2. i feel like I’m reading a comic book, yet again where’s the bad in that?:p the campaign caught my attention despite the cheap looking lay out. good job over all ! brains beats beauty in this case 🙂

    • Admin I said:

      Brains? the copy is a mess, it’s not working, forced and very very lame, what brains did you see?

      • Elie said:

        We have to face it, no advertising will work to stop shitheads from speeding or drinking & driving.
        But this specific campaign was shared big time on social media. There must be something working here.

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