“The funniest Nissan Ad” NOT!

“The funniest Nissan Ad” NOT!

Our first radio spot review! 

By Admin G: I thought it was interesting. Speaking with the “Flash news” tone of voice and the noisy background; daring to speak out when others are quiet and trying to give some secure feel among the turmoil that we are facing… but then… then it comes out:

مع وجود انتشار كثيف لعناصر الحماية من :

ABS, 2 airbags, EBD, Brake Assist

لحفظ أمن وأمانة كلّ المواطنين..”

Thank you Nissan. Thank you for the new safety technology that you are offering. The funniest* ad of all in the current situation!

It is true that brands should not remain silent during a certain crisis but for selling expired technology I advise you to! NO, I forbid you!

The relation between the current situation and the new Nissan Sunny release does not make any sense; it just sounds like a cheap investment in the unstable shit we’re involved in as Lebanese. Sorry to be the party pooper here, but I can’t really find any positive aspect of flattening a socio political situation, using it in advertising, and claiming to be funny!

We know Radio ads are not by any means easy, but you gotta brainstorm harder guys!


1 comment
  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    More nauseating than pan-fried crickets in cockroach sauce.

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