Le Charcutier Aoun and ‘real’ insights

Let’s welcome back admin R y’all! She’s back from the hypothetical coma to rock again!

Le Charcutier Aoun and ‘real’ insights

By Admin R: What to do with a mainstream client, a supermarket chain that drained mainly all advertising approaches to make people believe that they could win a fortune just by grocery shopping? Go to ‘fun’! Well, ‘fun’ definitely went downhill in the previous ‘Le charcutier’ campaigns, ranging from the cheesy to the vulgar, getting gradually better with their latest versions “paying bills” and “back to school”.

It is important that humor appeals to the target audience so they identify and react; otherwise, it is just useless! Well, in Le charcutier’s case, it’s indeed comic and amusing but most importantly ‘insightful’. Memac Ogilvy illustrated the critical situation of the Lebanese society in a humorous way along with the key to their hard financial circumstances. We all suffer from the ‘moteur bills’ haunting every house while every family is really struggling with the painful schooling fees.

‘Le Charcutier’ is launching a promotional campaign, offering 300,000,000 LBP, playing the ‘awwh’ sympathetic role showing social responsibility (blabla, bullshit), marketing all the way!

The ads are well executed, the cast was funny and the exaggeration came spot on *starting to write my own ‘how to get away from moteur bills’ already!*

Finally, the tagline “fi nes byefeljouk w nes byeferjouk” came smart and true, taken from the Lebanese casual lingo, addressing the right audience, the right way, even though the concept could’ve been taken much further, and not only relating it to money (go a bit lateral guys!)..

Wait! What?! 300 000 000 LBP damn it now I’m obliged to shop there, I’m getting married soon you know! (You don’t have to care, pfft)


Brand Agency: Memac Ogilvy
Production House: Wahm Productions
Director: Amanda Abou Abdallah

  1. I might sound like a killjoy to this post, but honestly I’m not a big fan of both TV ads. Fine, they are using this so called funny approach (which is really getting overrated if it’s not well used) and yes they used Lebanese circumstances considering the moteur bills (I found that funny and realistic) but I believe as Lebanese citizens, we already avoid going to supermarkets (because of the expenses and whatsoever) so another hopeless “chance of winning 300 000 000 LBP” isn’t really going to excite me and let me go to Charcutier.

    Point is, like you mentioned, the concept could’ve been taken much further, funnier (with a funnier cast) and can be more convincing.

    • Admin I said:

      true, but let’s keep in mind that their audience is a bunch of desperate housewives you know.. O.o

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