Exotica father’s day: back from coma-land

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Exotica father’s day: back from coma-land

By Admin I: few months ago, we kind of decided to ditch reviewing exotica. The brand was going downhill without looking back to its advertising glory days, or to any criticism; we already know that agencies and especially multi-nationals can be too arrogant to show improvement that’s directly based on feedback, but exotica was in total mess. Anyhow, and after a long coma, the brand got back on track: we can firmly say that the father’s day campaign is with no hesitation their best ad since 2 years. (again, unless google proves it being a copy).

Clean art direction, good photography and a simple smart metaphor that made it a hit. No excessive use of plants or flowers, no cheesy lines, no forced connections, practically nothing that reminds of their few last campaigns/flops.

Other than the typeface they insist on using (and it’s a personal opinion), nothing went wrong this time, so if it takes a season of advertising recession to bring back the good work, hello recession!


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