The ‘real’ illustrators of Lebanon 01

Disclaimer: This post is by no means a reply to the previous one. Okay it is.

The ‘real’ illustrators of Lebanon 01

By Admin I: Yes he’s the guy that will make you think a thousand times before even daring to label your drawing skills, or even before holding a pencil. Jorj Abou Mhaya is mainly an illustration jaw-dropper, a comic artist in particular. You can’t but appreciate the level of skills, the enchanting journey that this classical rendering can take you through. Guys, by now you already know, I’m a firm believer in ‘more is more’ that it became my design bible; Jorj never fails to add complexity, detail and a sense of mystery to his work. All I can say is that ‘Madina moujawira lil ard’ is a must have, to always remind your very egocentric selves: “there’s always someone, somewhere, that can nail what he does!”

By Admin HY: With a great balance of technical experience and conceptual creative approaches, David Habchy is one of the pioneer illustrators and animators in the field. Using meticulous and rich elements, his outcomes show an experimental attitude towards what he brilliantly does, always working his way around different styles and materials.
David’s aesthetic includes a lot of textures, attention to detail and a humorous vibe, his blog has been a source of inspiration and reference for many of us. See, what I love about Klekeesh is that it shows David’s process, experiences, workshops, photographs, whatever it took him to reach his final result that usually starts with traditional media, way before the invasion of Wacom, and you know, the ‘I’m an illustrator’ epidemy.
As a side note, David’s heavily insightful work can be less impressive when done for advertising projects, while his personal pieces are never disappointing.

By Admin NK: Let’s talk about the awesome Rodrigue Harb; you may have heard of him and his collaboration with Samandal , or his published work in Toom Extra. His work expresses wit and fun, comic characters with a touch of randomness that we love. Harb, with his use of colors and different brushes, makes sure he gives the viewer this pleasant-bubble gum-happy feeling, that can vary between a work and another always mixing styles, always unpredictable! The beauty in every illustrator’s work is leaving a touch of personality in his illustrations, and that’s what we see in every Rodrigue piece of art.

  1. a said:

    Are you guys sleeping with David Habchy or aspire to sleep with him?

    • ASM said:

      too bad that’s the only thing you managed to grasp from this post

  2. P said:

    Thank you for compiling these!
    I didn’t know the first illustrator!
    These illustrators are all unique!
    Yala compile more I am sure you can enlighten us about good, passionate illustrators with unique styles.
    Ok your last post was bitter, but it kinda stated the obvious :p
    Now look us up more GOOD illustrators, who deserve their work to be published! Some of which, of course, I haven’t hear of given that it’s not my domain.
    Keep it up!

    • Admin I said:

      We’re passionate about passionate people, we’ll be writing more!

  3. Very interesting to see you focusing on positive posts by exposing Lebanese talent although I think there’s no need for being cynical in the title with “real” in it. I already read your article about Maya Zankoul’s work and there was some negative subjectivity in it -not that I am here to allow you to write or express what you think of- and it could have been a bit more objective.
    There are lots of other talented illustrators that you can find in Toom Extra’s Season 1, I hope you’ll be able to shed light on them and lots of other unknown talent hiding in the university classrooms 🙂

  4. When I discovered Jorj’s work at the latest Salon du Livre, I was completely shocked that I had never heard of him before. He’s a genius, not a word I use lightly. I’m also a big fan of Fouad Mezher, whose work is of international standard, and who is way too modest for his talent. It’s both gratifying and amazing to see the diversity of real talents that are now emerging in this long-reviled field – when I was studying design I had to fight tooth and nail to be an illustrator and looked at sideways when I made comics. Almost nobody in the entire major could draw to save their lives, or cared to. It’s amazing to now see a serious illustration scene in Lebanon, made up of people who are deeply into their craft deeply and go out of their way to explore, improve, and challenge themselves.
    I know some of these guys but I’ve left Lebanon so I hope you continue these posts, I’m interested in seeing who’s doing what in the field.

    • Admin I said:

      We will definitely continue with this post, and of course Fouad will be featured (already wrote about him before, under a zaatar w zeit illustrations feature)

    • Fouad Mezher said:

      Thanks for the namedrop and I have to agree with you about Jorj! I contemplated ending my life the first time I saw his book. It’s that good.

      • Look who’s talking! I pretty much gave up illustration men warak! (mostly kidding, but still 😉 )

      • ASM said:

        after seeing fouad’s work first hand…. ANYONE will want to give up illustration.

  5. pam said:

    I like all 3 of them!
    Next time kel admin yna2e 2 or 3 illustrators, to enlarge this list please

    • Admin I said:

      We’ll make this post go online on a weekly basis 🙂

  6. Admin I said:

    we have checked nathalie koutia’s portfolio and while her work is leaning more towards lettering rather than illustration, we think that she still needs to develop her style and push it further to develop an identity to it. But all in all, it’s not bad for a beginner

  7. Erik. S said:

    This is spectacular. At first I thought that it was a little over the top to judge other people’s work but now that I’ve read many posts of yours and specifically this one I must admit, you guys are almost always right!! Jorj Abou Mhaya’s work is spectacular! Its like the more you look into the detail, the harder it is for you to actually stop looking! Almost Perfect!

    I also happened to take a look at Nathalie Koutia’s work and I actually believe she’s doing very well as a kick-off and that with the right development she’d be able to do better than most of those people claiming a false position in the actual field the time being.

    Make sure you guys keep on shedding the light on such people. A lot of people in the field have no idea such hard working talented minds exist. We want more!

  8. Jaques Abyad said:

    Admin I,
    You still haven’t answered clearly my very simple question.

  9. Zouz said:

    I have always thought that ‘ghadan sa aghraqo fi qahwati’ is by Nadine Feghali! Thanks for correcting me!
    On another note, there is great power in illustration that a good illustrator should be easily able to make his/her work stand out and conquer!
    For example, this illustration/graffiti was on a wall in the Alleyway – Hamra:×199.jpg, by Mirella Salame of, and it haunted me for years! (and still is)
    Now it is covered by some hideous, stupid graffiti! =(

  10. Pat said:

    Man! The fact that this whole blog post and the coming ones are written in retaliation to your attack on Maya Zankoul (as specified in your disclaimer) is plain sad. Those lovely illustrators have to unfotunately be associated with your lack of credibility. I personally love both Maya’s and David’s work, but the fact that you dedicated a full-fledged blog post to Maya versus a few lines for the illustrators you claim to admire shows just what kind of people you are, and how much Maya has left a huge mark in you. Show more love, kiddos 😉

    • N. said:

      mahdoum enta 🙂

  11. Jaques Abyad said:

    You mean you are trying to get in your own pants?

  12. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    The recent mass exodus of Lebanese bloggers to Twitter leaves us wondering about the fate of BrofessionalReview.

    • Admin I said:

      You don’t have to wonder; we’re staying here, or moving to a near prison, or just stopping what we do and moving on. One day, not now, not soon.

  13. said:

    بونسواركن بروفّاشونل، كتير حبيت العرض للرسامين وأنا مع الفكرة أنو تكون هيدي بوست أسبوعي مع اكتشافات لمواهب ولا ألذّ. أكيد إذا إلكن جلادة يا حلوين. لأنو كتير إلي جلادة إقرا تحليلاتكن. أدمن إي، بتضحكنب بالبلابلابلا. ليك شكلا شو حلو بالعربي. بلابلابلا أو بلا بلا بلا.
    بالحديث عن الكلمات بالعربي، ليكي هيدي شو مهضومة، وأذكرها بلتحديد لأنها وردت معي في أول سطر بدون سابق تصور وتصميم:
    بوست= Post
    بوست= Boost
    بوست= Bawasst (with chadde on the waw)
    بوست= Bawsa with T tawile as a fate d’orthographe instead of T marabouta.
    هاهاهاها عم بتضحك ع حالي!

  14. R said:

    Saw Rodrigue’s work yesterday at Behance! Such cool refreshing style and ideas

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