Chateau MWAH Ka MWAH

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By Admin R: Wine advertising is hitting on Television and online during this Christmas season such as Ksara that pushed the boundaries, and the recent Chateau MWAH Ka MWAH. The concepts used to have many clichés, but not this year; The recent revival of the wine ritual, with those TV spots, came highly diverse.

When I first knew about the Chateau Ka ad, friends introduced it to me as the “funny kissing “one; and ping, here it is on TV: of course, a Christmas gathering, relatives kissing each other in a Lebanese way, (oh gosh I hate it, can’t a one kiss on the cheek be enough or just no kissing, maybe a hug… ) then a French boyfriend invited, a small gift in hand ( we can’t ignore their parsimony, even in the ads) shocked by the “ici c’est trois bises”. Believe me; it took me a day or two to realize what she said.

What we should note in particular is the Frenchy a la Sursok voice over, There was a certain je ne sais quoi snobbishness (we know it should be snobbism, save it) about this wine advertising, the lame tagline and the missing link (3 kisses, 3 second opener, 3 bottles… so what?!)

We could pretend that this ad isn’t just an obvious overflow of an acting approach of a Marwan Najjar series. But that would be a lie! Giving credit where credit is due, the ad is fun; you won’t totally forget it, but shall you remember the Lebanese kissing ritual, or Chateau Ka itself?

  1. the price first was 4300 lb in the store and suddenly become 8900lb…i dontnt like that..;)

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Kaka: Ici c’est 2 lettres.

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