Unfolding The NOT SO Fun in Lebanon

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Unfolding The NOT SO Fun in Lebanon
By Admin Nk: We’ve all seen Trident’s latest campaign “Unfold the fun” (no? well check it out here). The campaign is pretty smart, it’s all about fun, happiness, excitement and friends and just basically “unfolding the fun” once you unfold Trident’s gum wrapping and start chewing it.
So, Trident ME decided to apply the concept their way by doing a.. umm.. flash mob! (because flash mobs aren’t getting overused in this country and they’re so damn creative right? uhh not really). So basically it all starts with a guy being dragged out of  a car, putting a trident gum in his mouth and the “magic” begins: a performance by a bunch of people in the middle of Jounieh between several pubs.
Don’t get me wrong, we love flash mobs especially the fun, creative ones. But there is something definitely missing in this one. It simply didn’t give me that “spark” feeling that Trident talks about in their campaign. Why? Because all I see is people blowing fire (and I could swear I see the same two guys in every performance), girls dancing in a weird way in some kind of a robot suit, and stilt walkers. And what’s with the bad choice of music? The whole thing looked more like a messed up zaffe instead of reflecting the graphical intense look of the brand.
The concept is there but the outcome wasn’t well executed. I mean when you watch the original Trident ad, you automatically cheer up by the music, the colors, the people. You hear things like “every chew can take you somewhere new” or “it tickles up your spine and punches you in the face a good kind of punch”. And how does the flashmob end? The same guy chewing the gum getting ditched by the performers. Probably funny yes – or no –  but I don’t want to feel sorry for the guy chewing the gum! He’s supposed to be happy as long as he’s chewing that chewy chemical something!
links of good trident ads, in case those creatives didn’t have the time to research; you know they mass produce advertising like there’s no tomorrow!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpx3WpsHlac

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