Byblos Bank and the little push!

Byblos Bank and the little push!

By admin NK: Once again Byblos Bank strikes us with another beautiful ad promoting its Personal Loan, and this year the bank’s advertising approaches are getting quite better with each campaign.

A typical love story between two classmates, yes, it may seem cliche, but who wouldn’t fall for this all over cuteness? Putting “cuteness” aside, I admired so many things in this ad: first, the cast was chosen pretty well, no brats trying to act childish cute (hint: the typical Lebanese Nido frenchie kid); second, the simplicity AND the cliche (It’s one of those ads that gets to you and you can’t help it even if you’re a cliche hater) and finally the fact that it has nothing related to a bank! They chose to showcase a literal personal story to promote their personal loan offer.

And what I personally find more awesome is that FP7 chose an approach that is not directly related to the brand image, but the brand essence (again, the kids). As I mentioned before, campaigns that use emotional approaches always tend to show a fake “I’m here for you, people” feeling, yet this time it’s better coated with “sometimes all you need is a little push”.

Bank promises might be tricky to work with, because you can easily fall into the trap of a fake hypocrite trying so hard to sell you something; Byblos Bank took on a whole ‘effortless’ looking work, adding this ‘little push’ that bank ads should have.

Good job and looking forward to sequels of this concept, that will feel somehow ‘cut’ if it doesn’t go further.

  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Nice, although the music and treatment are a bit melancholic for a bank ad.
    But then again, maybe Byblos realizes how depressive it is for people to be indebted to the bank.

  2. josef said:

    pretty average to me, not bad and not great… simply ok. just like many ads are… ok.

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