Beirut Design Week 2013 goes BR

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Last year’s BDW reviews: 01 02 03

Beirut Design Week 2013 goes BR: NO. We’re kind of anticipating your questions when it comes to Beirut Design Week 2013: we’re not going to tone down criticism because we’re a part of this year’s event. We made it more awesome and stuff, but doesn’t mean we sold our balls to the devil. (excuse my refined vocab).

To be quite honest, some improvements are quite evident if compared to last year’s visual mess for example. The Helvetica overdose was substituted with Frutiger (and Frutiger Arabic – do I hear too ‘lazy’ to design?) which already looks better. Colours are more consistent and serious, the website is clear and everything seems to fall into place correctly including the online video (A bit deja vu, but works quite well, knowing that no agency is behind it). On the other hand, BDW13 comes with workshops indigestion, between the huge amount of participants, lots of design bullshit Pluto based ‘thinkers’ and some DIYs. A lot of those. (Some workshops are quite interesting such as Maajoun, Kashida, ours, ours, etc..)

Let’s not give away too much when it comes to reviewing content, we’ll be covering BDW13 extensively next week, but we’re honestly taking advantage of this post to promote Brofessional Review’s double contribution:

A Guerilla Advertising workshop, a call to have fun breaking some rules, and a surprise ‘Brofessional Show’ at the week’s closing conference at LAU. We’re very honoured to take part in such events, knowing that the organisers are more of a ‘one man show’ trying to take this field a step further rather than sticking it to a tantes Ashrafieh audience.

Can’t wait to see you all, BR’s going to rock! (inserts a well deserved hair flip + cat fight SFX).

  1. Do cheerleaders have to bring their own pompoms? Or will you supply them? 🙂

    • Admin I said:

      We can supply everyone with *virtual pompoms*! Weee

      • Bfff, will those include silk Hermes foulards torn to shreds by any chance? Some cheerleaders have standards you know….

  2. مين قال هيرميس؟ أنا حاضرة!
    بي. أس.: أدمن آي، أنا شوي ضعت. الوركشوب هوي الثلاثاء الساعة 4 وبالطالع، أو هوي الشو الساعة 7؟ ما عم بعرف فكّر واضح. بونبون الهيرميس عميوني. سيريوسلي!

    • Admin I said:

      3azizati, the workshop is tuesday 4:30 to 6:30 and continues on thursday from 4 to 8.
      The show comes as a closure for the conference. They’re 2 different events.

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