Almaza goes light-minded

Almaza goes light-minded

By Admin NK: Dammit Almaza, WHAT IS THIS? What’s this weak use of typography mixed with this horrible blank space dilemma? And NO you can’t just put a typical “Lebanese” landscape and add a bottle of Almaza and call it a summer campaign.

So I skipped the normal “introduction” to this post because whatever is happening to concept coherence in this country is such a blasphemy. I mean, Almaza is one of the things you miss when you leave the country. It’s that typical Lebanese beer plan on a night cruise when you’re out of plans. And to top it all, it’s that drink you order on weekends when you’re broke. We freaking love Almaza and yet they’re not making an effort to brand it properly!

So summer comes and you would expect something interesting, but Almaza Light failed again this year (you may check last year’s fuss. The use of typography is just horrible, a “ready whenever you are” placed in the middle and creating this hideous unbalance with its ugly font. And holy moly what is that “symbol” next to it? Some kind of a badly shaped umbrella cheaply done on illustrator, or that “drop of water”. Like, WHY is it there? Are you serious? It doesn’t fit the tonality of the photos taken, nor the line (Disastrous copywriting skills)!

Whenever you decide to go gimmicky try to push it all the way or drop it, that’s like design 101 at any school/agency!

And fine, we love campaigns that stick to one style to show the brand’s “constancy” or whatever; but passing by this on the streets would just remind me of their previous campaigns, nothing special about it. And no, a basic intsagram competition called ‘Chilling with light’ didn’t by any means save it.
Obviously this will not make me stop drinking Almaza, but it sucks seeing it ruining its brand essence with its hideous campaigns. So dear Almaza, please get yourself together.
  1. College notepad ‘font’ + ‘doodle’ + fake post-it at the bottom + App = cheap and failed way to piggypack on 961’s earlier campaign to capture a younger clientele’s attention?

    Small note: I don’t know design, but in photography terms, this is compositional imbalance at its worst. If anything, the ‘ready whenever you are’ should be top left and not smack dab in the middle.

    • Admin I said:

      agree.. but concerning the imbalance, the line should be a bit higher but not more towards the left cause it’ll create a sort of weak negative space in the middle, hollowness. the composition better breathe from a side than being hollow in the middle… 🙂

      • Got it. Still getting used to the idea of breathing space on the left as opposed to the right.

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    You’re not very consistent when it comes to agency credits. Sometimes you mention them, sometimes you don’t.

  3. I’d send them a consulting fee invoice if I were you. The imbalance was corrected. New billboards now have the ‘ready whenever you are’ lifted to the top instead of the middle 🙂

    • Admin NK said:

      We probably should! But the concept and the typography is still bad. Really hoping they would amaze us one day.

  4. Zelda Zonk said:

    You mean “consistency”?

    • Admin I said:

      No, we mean it the way it is. Constancy: The quality of being enduring and unchanging.

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