Questioning “Graphic” Design 05

Questioning “Graphic” Design 05. 04 03 02 01

On Design the profession / Rebutting the previous post.

By N: Ok, here’s the thing. I’m just as frustrated as everyone with the design scene in this country. Hell, I’m frustrated with every scene in this country. But I don’t really get why we are waging wars against everyone and everything, screw the design field and screw this country’s shitty art direction (and yes I’m cursing ‘cause as a Brofessional, I don’t take myself seriously, and neither should you). No, like seriously, who cares if people are getting famous for nothing, if they’re stuck in the same design patterns or believe in so called “absurd” dogmas. Saying that design is dead kind of beats the purpose of this blog, no? If design does not exist then what are we doing? Why should people care about our reviews if we are reviewing something that does not exist?

Ok, here’s how I see things. Design is not dead. Design wasn’t needed in the first place. It came as a natural occurrence in our capitalist systems, and evolved following the thinking strategies of ruling systems and the circumstances it creates. Thus, design became a way of expressing an idea, a way of thinking; but that’s not the case in our days. In the midst of our ever-growing troublesome society, design became a solution, or more of a problem solver. We have somehow convinced ourselves, in the midst of the hunger and the wars and every other atrocity present on this forsaken planet, we have convinced ourselves that design can save the world. I do not have the complete information to negate this completely, but for the most part, design is solving nothing but making us even lazier, even more comfortable and even more oblivious about what is happening around us ( again, hold your horses, it may be doing some good, some).

Design should never become a way of life; design should remain a profession, maybe a hobby (if you’re as frustrated as we are with the design studios and firms, with clients or with designers-wannabe), But make it a way of life, and it will consume every bit of your existence. You start fighting wars that only exist in your head, you start seeing the world as nothing but a series of ugly visual after another; you take it to the extreme and design will make you question the purpose of your existence, you’ll start asking questions because that’s what design forces you to do. Design will eat up your soul, so leave it as a profession and next time you go eat out, please try not to turn over the placemat because it’s ugly, ‘cause really, who is to say what is good design? And who is to say what is beautiful? And haven’t both their standards contradicted each other over time?

Now, let’s talk shwai about that last post. Honestly, and with all the love I have for Admin I and his lovely chest hair, I have to disagree for the most part. Design is not a tool, it is a concept, an idea while illustration and literature are merely mediums to get this idea across, just like collages and just like photography and photoshop-ed manipulated images. As long as your idea gets across, without the usage of cheap vectors, a designer can choose whatever media he/she desires. One of the fundamental things I have learned and deeply agree on, is that for the most part, you analyze what you want to say and you choose the tool you want to use to get your idea across accordingly.

Design has been butchered, yes, but isn’t design just a big umbrella that covers all the tools that are used to get your idea across. In the end, design is an idea, nothing more nothing less and it should not be taken more seriously than that. If we become a master at a certain tool, then we are labeled as such, our society is founded on labels so it’s a natural consequence. In the end, we are designers with as much tools as we allow ourselves to experiment with. I’m a Brofessional, and you guys take me way too seriously.


Maybe I should tell you why I decided to drop the ‘admin’, or maybe not.

  1. ASM said:

    I have to agree on one point; if you take design as a lifestyle, it will eat you up. That’s only because of the horrible design field we have in Lebanon and the capitalistic society we are all part of. You can’t isolate yourself from your profession that easily. If you don’t look at things around you through “designer’s” eyes, you will never be able to see what is wrong with this field, how to tackle issues and problems and how to change this sad situation.
    Illustration is NOT a tool. It’s a field on it’s own. It can be the concept, the tool and the so-called “solution”. Personally, i think that illustration can be much more sincere and straight to the point than design can ever be. Design is used to make things “prettier” (i am not saying that’s all that it can do but that’s how it’s being used and there is no sign of a revolution or change anytime soon)
    I came into this field by mistake, stayed in it by will only because of the potential of this field. But my biggest fear was and still is to end up “puking” logos all my life and creating ads for useless capitalistic products like a singing toilet seat or a rainbow farting washing machine (someday those will be created if they are not already produced)…

    Excuse my long post…

    Another Design Atheist

  2. Sorry you did not win the SMA – your blog is still wery nice and engaging!

    • Admin I said:

      Thank you so much Tarek. We’re honoured to be your competitors.

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    A little off topic, but did you know that the word “brofessional” actually exists in the Urban Dictionary?

    a professional bro. This is a person who excels in party related activity with a professional style. They are good at all things party: i.e. drinking, smoking, dancing, talking to the opposite sex, getting out of situations, etc.

    • Admin I said:

      We do indeed excel in some(all) of the above. #Cheers!

    • ASM said:

      Now that made my day!

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