Warde’s Quest and a million questions

Warde’s Quest and a million questions

By Admin I: A new campaign by ‘Warde’ reformulated around the ‘journey’; so it’s beautifully animated, narrative-based because it’s like the new trend in the field and stuff, but what’s striking about this campaign is the credits:

Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut
Animation House: Onesize 
Music: MassiveMusic

So guys, it’s either we don’t have animators in this freaking country, or we didn’t even search because it’s very uncool to commission a local talent.. It’s by no means a technical reason: we do have technically good 3d animators that can get such jobs done! If the reason is creative – which we agree with, our animators are generally software worms – then you – advertising creatives – lack the basic ability to art direct. If you cannot art direct a local animation job, you should most probably resign and go do ‘beautiful’ design works from now till infinity.

It’s just sad to see such work, go all excited about how creative it looks then discover that it was done by some Amsterdam based creative studio. It’s sad because it’s another proof of fake propaganda, a step backwards in a field that’s eager for encouragement.

Disappointed much?!

  1. josef said:

    Wait, animation using cloth texture? nothing new at all… it was done years ago for Comfort and here’s one example… there are plenty more:

  2. EstemeedAdCritic said:

    But you were praising the Aishti campaign a few posts back although it was conceived and realized by an American agency. Hypocrisy much? I think this is a pretty good TVC. The copywriting is solid, and the tagline “home is a quest” is spot on. I think they went for a for a foreign director for the same reason agencies hire a foreign live-action director.

    • Admin I said:

      ‘it was conceived and realized by an American agency’ like you mentioned, and that’s how we assessed it. The problem here is that it’s a local agency doing the whole work at an international studio with no solid reason for that reach..

  3. Laura said:

    so do you not like the ad?

    • Admin I said:

      it’s a good one, we were very specific about what we did not like about it.

  4. Kurt Nobrain said:

    No it proves that the local talents aren’t as good and will charge you the same as the foreign more experienced production houses. Moreover a 3d animator shouldn’t be a mere software “worm” but someone who understands various types of movement, lighting, texture and is able to give you that something extra to your idea.

    • Admin I said:

      with all due respect, we do know how much effort and skill this animation job requires, and let me tell you, it’s not a pixar movie just yet, but a very usual animation job. So yes art directors should direct their ideas not animators. The pricing issue is unfair to the local scene, but in the end it’s advertising, we don’t expect them to get any close to ethical.

      • Kurt Nobrain said:

        Show me one example of a locally produced animation that is as good.

      • Admin I said:

        i dont have to prove anything pal.. it’s not an animation miracle, it’s very basic with a good art direction.

  5. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    But you were praising the Aishti campaign a few posts back, although it was conceived and realized by an American design firm. Hypocrisy much? I think this is a great TVC. The copywriting is solid and the tagline “home is quest” is spot on. I think they went for a foreign animation for the same reason they’d choose a foreign live-action director

  6. Kurt Nobrain said:


  7. Totally agree. I was just saying how great we ‘re becoming in animation and here it is disappointing and suddenly annoying..

    • The wardeh spot is very well done. Nonetheless it is within the artistic and technical skills of our local talents. Its a shame to have such jobs outsourced due to trust issues in our pool of artists.

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        Well what do you expect from a nation that doesn’t even speak its mother language?

  8. johnny said:

    Hi guys, Ok I have now a 3D animation job to do.. does anyone know a good Lebanese animator? Cause it has been for a while that I’m struggling to find a talented one.. Please advise.. Thanks

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