ArabAd goes Brofessional (and vice versa)

IMG-20130516-WA001ArabAd goes Brofessional (and vice versa)

By Admin I: So the last issue of ArabAd is out, and yes we are featuring it because they chose to publish one of our posts in the last page of the issue and also because this time the main theme is ‘Design’ (they probably thought that working with design is less problematic, I guess our last week proved them wrong!).

The issue includes ups and downs, a 26 pages special report (maybe too special) about the AUB Revolution/Evolution 20 years celebration, highlighting many design profiles that contributed in changing the design field in Lebanon (We all know that change is not always positive right?).

The report is filled with names that should be researched, works that really make you want to know more, and other pretentious long lines on design as well.

Type design is also featured in Arabad through an article about an Arabic typeface that’s rooted in the English shires, designed by Boutos International. (Problematic and borderline unethical in terms of cultural design, sorry we’d like to one day respect our mother language a bit more).

On another note, ArabAd featured Beirut ntsc’s Tarek Chemaly’s exhibition that we will feature soon. The work is rich and highly engaging (wasta, yes we know him, and still think he rocks).

Thank you ArabAd, and hope you feature more amateurs like us, that need to get an idea, an opinion across to the public, for people to think more, without necessarily agreeing.

As the fabulous N wraps up her featured post: I’m a Brofessional, and you guys take me way too seriously.


  1. Congratulations Ilham and Nadine, and on the Carte Blanche no less (basically the most read page of the magazine). I should know, I wrote some of those “cartes” myself!

    • Hitting North said:

      Somebody sounds envious.

  2. Admin X said:

    Tarek, that was before they backstabbed you, right? Are you on good terms with the family again now?

    • Long story from the past. I edited, compiled and researched their 25th anniversary issue – 540 pages 🙂

      • Kurt Nobrain said:

        Wow that’s such an honor Tarek.

  3. josef said:

    who reads Arab Ad?… get a life…

    • Kurt Nobrain said:

      Tarek Chemaly obviously.

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