Khoury Home succeeds for once!

Khoury Home succeeds for once!

By Admin NK: So as a regular Lebanese citizen, being on the road on your way to somewhere, with all the billboards showing the same ad campaign every time you pass by a building, can be pretty entertaining and sometimes heart breaking (in case the campaign was visually/verbally horrible like most of what we see).

So as a regular citizen, Khoury Home’s Credit Campaign caught my attention. It really did because when I saw them my brain automatically went like “why, what, who, WHAT?!”. I would like to say that yes, I do like the simplicity, authenticity and the copywriting in this one (Arabic works much better than English) because again, as a Lebanese citizen, reading sentences such as “let someone else pay for once” and “empty pockets? you won’t leave empty handed” really DOES make it feel like a pat on the back especially with the offer they’re offering (well, according to their campaign).
As simple as the campaign is, I still feel that it could’ve been visually better (don’t ask me how, I’m acting as part of the audience here) and I still think that stores like Khoury Home should stick to a certain design path that would make their customers recognize the campaign without having to look for that logo (which kind of makes it hard with the red sign, too much red for me).
So comparing their campaigns, this one came pretty different, much more improved, and less literal.
  1. I definitely agree that such companies should have a certain style, ‘a la Almaza’, to make them instantly recognisable..

  2. Dimz said:

    This ad is so repelling! it looks like a no-parking spot… for your wallet

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