Gradients are back!

Gradients are back!

By Admin I: It’s the ultimate nightmare for any conservative swiss-orthodox design teacher and practitioner: the gradient tool! Well guess what, all of you out there: gradients are back! Back to invade your book covers, event posters, your wardrobe and even your furniture. It’s the latest shocking design trend that scared so many of you out there!

You might be the type that’s too arrogant to experiment, to give gradients a shot after more than a decade of hate and misuse. They’re back in analogous or monochrome tonalities and soft pastel usages, but let me tell you, those guys are tricky! The trick behind using the ‘hip’ gradients is to make it look anything but natural!! No small nuances, no bits and pieces, but the whole nine yards!

A final note before ending this design statement is a spotlight on a local super well done gradient usage by who other than ‘maajoun’ for the ‘Minassa Theater Festival’, a poster that mixed experimental  expressive lettering with a blue-green-yellow gradient, an eye candy!

In the end, it’s a matter of having ‘the balls’ to go and try, once, twice and more, simply because minimalism is too easy, too blah! Today’s design practices require much much more than type on white space, unless you are Micheal Bierut, who himself admitted having a case of ‘Chromatophobia’, the fear of using color: (…) I hope one day to begin to conquer mine (the fear). Until then, it’s back to the comfort of my nice dry towel, well away from the water’s edge — suitably striped, of course, in my two favorite colors: black and white.

Be a challenging design freak, or stay away from the water’s edge, you’re probably too boring to swim!

Pulse: Gradated colour application often gets a hard time. Perhaps it is due to two decades of bad clip art and super corporate PowerPoint presentations. But this year has seen the triumphant return of the gradient, as designers start to explore colours pale, dark, and everything between.”

Thank you HF for the research!  

  1. always was a big fan of gradients, as you said, its a matter of having the balls to experiment, hope to c some big balls out there OO
    lovely review…

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