Nissan by Memac Ogilvy Beirut: how-to-fail-101

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Nissan by Memac Ogilvy Beirut: how-to-fail-101

By Admin NK: Yes yes people may have raped your timelines with this campaign and many other blogs have mentioned it but no campaigns should go through without some tasty brofessional review (since we’re talking about drinking here. too lame? moving on..)

So Nissan wants to promote its SHIFT car by a “don’t drink and drive” and “we just arrested you because you’re a drunk driver” (they were still in the pub so I wonder how it’s relevant) campaign to show the drivers how safe and efficient this car is in case of danger situations. A convenient and fun idea, fine. But was it efficient? Let’s discuss WHY this is so ridiculous:
1- why would a bunch of “sexy” looking cops look for drunk drivers while they’re still drinking at a pub? Maybe I didn’t get the idea, I will be glad if someone can explain the relevance. Shouldn’t they be driving in order to get arrested? #ThingsThatOnlyMakeSenseInPorn
2- no thank you, i wouldn’t like seeing my embarrassing drunk self going viral, unless they’ve paid me to.
3- I barely remember pronouncing my name when I’m drunk, are you SERIOUSLY explaining to those people about the car and its safety and how dangerous it is to be driving in such condition in a car ride!? It’s either his/her brains would be spinning or he/she would really be enjoying the “sexy” cop sitting next to them (not being a dirty mind perve, but isn’t that the point behind the big fake lips and good looking guys in a cop’s suit arresting you?)
4- Please consider bringing a decent type of fake cops that could actually talk about a car and present the campaign’s message.
5- How are you telling me not to drink and drive..and you’re explaining to me how safe the car is..and that you want to drive me home safely? So that means that the car is safe and that I shouldn’t worry about me being drunk while driving because it’s Nissan..Or maybe Nissan comes with a hangover kit..or there’s a Nissan ride that is always there for me when I’m drunk to drive me.. THIS IS HARD! #ForcedAdvertising
And these, my audience, are the main points of a failed campaign. I was really disappointed because it would’ve been such a smart way to promote a car if the idea was really considered and thought through, instead of a desperate agency ticket to award shows.
Thanks to all our tweeps for looking forward to our feedback, and to the dearest: plus961 blog that has already pointed the huge similarity/spoof with the Nokia patrol ad.
    • Admin I said:

      Their team is already on a 1001 nights of sleep. Don’t worry! lol

  1. Kira said:

    Valid points, except the part where you forgot that the campaign is called SUGGEST an Arrest. The cops are sent to those people by their friends as a joke and for safety reasons, thats why its not weird for them to be looking inside pubs.

    • Admin I said:

      Even the joke is forced and out of context dear.

      • Kira said:

        Nevet said it wasn’t, I was just clarifying the context.

    • HF said:

      Friends are sending sexy cops? That was so very not clear in the video

      • Kira said:

        Yea the video was badly edited!

    • Admin NK said:

      Yes Kira, we didn’t forget that the campaign is called SUGGEST an Arrest. They can suggest an arrest but not actually arrest them in a pub. Pretty useless idea. They could’ve made some kind of fake check points, or wait for them by the car, who knows!

  2. HF said:

    HAA! Nk! You made my day

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Maybe the agency wanted to show the dangers of brainstorming while drunk? You guys are not good at sensing subliminal messages.

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