Doculand meets TeleLiban

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Doculand meets TeleLiban

By Admin I: so we’re clearly in the middle of an advertising recession, the type that we haven’t witnessed before and we currently fail to point fingers at. We’re in June and we can barely spot any summer campaign. Almaza is the only brand that keeps showering us with advertisements, while other brands either stick to their social media pages, or ‘ship’ some Dubai produced campaigns, change the dialect, keep the atrocity and release.

We’re not going to make a hassle out of the new doculand ad, in the end, it’s only a copycenter that claims to do all sorts of services (and sticks a ‘designer’ tag on every computer technician). Okay the campaign is hilariously bad, reminding us of the 90s advertising fever, the 1st degree, and all sorts of long scripts containing too much client opinion. In this video, the script has probably more USPs than any other campaign we’ve ever seen: doculand is fast, doculand has good client servicing, doculand had good quality copy machines, doculand has beautiful ladies at the counter, doculand has overacting cheese, perlex, ammo abou Fouad, everything!

It’s not only an ‘all over the place’ campaign, but it actually triggered us to talk about the input of a certain client in the creative work. We’ve all been exposed to those excuses: ‘the client wanted it that way, we had a better idea, I wish you’ve seen the initial proposals’, and so on, and we actually buy that agency BS, just because bad clients exist, but we’ve reached a point where agencies are craving clients, at any price, at any level.

Recession made advertising a slave, an client’s butt-kisser. It’s a whole process close to ‘Orchiectomy’, a fancy word for ‘the surgical removal of one or both testicles’.



  1. Stop making fun of Tele Liban, they had color broadcast a full decade before BBC! 🙂 I kid you not!

    • Admin I said:

      They’re still stuck there. I kid you not indeed! 😀

  2. F said:

    I really don’t get your point with the orchiectomy reference? Can you please clarify

    • Admin I said:

      When you have too much client input and a financial recession, advertising becomes similar to a man with chopped off balls, see?

      • F said:

        Well in the biological sense, one testicle works just as good as two, I guess that doesn’t apply to advertising firms. Not saying the reference is insensitive to men that had to have that surgery done, but I wouldn’t personally have went with this comparison, since well you never know what your readers medical history might be.

      • Admin I said:

        I understand, but the term was used as a figure of speech and did not mean to make fun of the scientific case.

  3. Rachel said:

    your review is useless, the TV ad is not awesome or creative, but it’s not that bad and not worth writing a post about it
    better waist your time with the stupid so called “brofessional “rotana music clips”…

  4. haha, the ad is funny.
    cheesy funny.
    It’s not a brilliant ad but it puts doculand in the spotlight, you have to admit

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