The Khoury Home viral stunt, a big YES!


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The Khoury Home viral stunt, a big YES!

By Admin R: Far from the classical boring ad campaigns that tell consumers what to like, modern marketing decided to make a change, and it happened not long ago, using social media

Khoury Home succeeded recently, after their M&C Saatchi collaboration, to make an impact in the ad field by trying something bold. What they came up with was a real ‘mashkal’ scene caught by the security camera of Khoury home, launched on Youtube and spread through social media and blogs, teasing the audience’s curiosity to make them want to know what the video is about.

The ad was an overnight success; Saatchi used a non-commercial, non-conventional approach and kept us entertained. (Crowd applause)

What’s highly interesting about this whole thing is not the staged stunt, but the insight taken from the Lebanese ‘jigolo’ rituals, and how a typical Lebanese man tries to show off in front of his blondie, wife-wannabe.

It’s a simple equation: engaging content is always a winner.

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