Brofessional Review: THE END

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Our farewell post. Bring some tissues, a polka-dotted dress and make sure to read each admins words to you. Cheers! 

By Admin I: It has been a long journey, 300 posts in less than 2 years, features in Communicate, ArabAd and The Daily Star, a workshop and an event at Beirut Design Week 2013. We have never imagined that a group of young creatives voicing out their opinions can actually change anything, yet we did. We have never imagined that a stupid blog can make a breakthrough in multinationals, be included in their reports, give them nightmares and push their orthodox boundaries, yet we did.

We’re not bragging here (okay, we are), but we’re actually having a moment with what we were able to achieve, whether in reviews or in research. We’re here celebrating the subjectivity that had once a voice, the hidden identity that was never aimed at self-promotion and all the hypocrisy we faced, especially from the Design and social media Mafia™.

This whole experience was as awesome as awesomeness can get, we grew with it and out of it; now we’re a group that knows more, and has more to say elsewhere.

There is no legitimate official reason, and it’s certainly NOT related to any mafia’s threats or pressure. Brofessional Review reached an end!

Thank you all!

By N:  Brofessional review was never a side project, we were not admins in this blog; we were brofessionals. Brofessional review came as a manifestation of our own personal journey in the design spectrum. When it first started, when we decided that we were going to start reviewing what was happening in the design/communication field in the country, we were just starting ourselves our own journeys as designers. With fresh minds and enthusiastic eyes, we delved in this journey and we grew as individuals and designers, so did the blog. And let me tell you, this journey was magic, it took us places, exposed us to works and introduced us to people that otherwise couldn’t have happened.

Through our journey in the design galaxy we met lots of jedis. Here’s a huge spazzy appreciation hug to everyone who supported us and believed in us as we stumbled through this path. Hugs to the people we met, the knowledge they passed on and their pompom cheers.

I probably was the most bipolar among brofessionals. I left, then I came, then I left then I started to write occasional out-of-the-blue posts, and then I simply became N (dropping the admin like diddy dropped the puff).But I love every single moment I spent with the blog and its admins. Hugs to them all, we taught ourselves lifetime lessons.

But what’s a cosmic journey without stormtroopers? Despite our attempt to make it clear, people still took us too seriously. Haters were spawning everywhere accusing us of the most notorious thing, like we ever claimed to be anything other than a bunch of kids with loud opinions. But hey, even Madonna managed to get haters during her erotica phase (not that we are, in any way, comparing ourselves to the queen). And since Ziggy doodle was preaching about the power of love in her TEDx talk, here’s a hug to all of you, may it merge my hateful poison with yours and create a dragon of pixie dust and rainbows. You guys taught me that in this world you either have to be a wolf or a sheep, but I didn’t like your system nor your rules, so I became a hippo.

Until we meet again,

May design be one day resurrected.

Love and cake.

I was once a brofessional, and you guys took me way too seriously.

By Admin NK: WARNING: This post has some serious emotional hate with so much love towards Admin I.

So when I first heard the news, I thought Admin I was being silly, but then I found out that he was serious and I only wished I was in the same continent where he was so I could punch him in the face. Before being an admin, I was a huge fan of Brofessional Review where I used to read and enjoy their old and latest posts until I got requested to be an admin in the blog, it was pretty much one of the happiest moments of my life. Being in the brofessional community was what I always wanted: freely expressing our opinions and most importantly critiquing what we don´t like and what we found impressive in this Lebanese chaos that we call design and advertising. Agencies loved us, even people from abroad were enjoying our posts, and at the same time we received hate comments from people not accepting what we´re doing, not accepting an opinion, and not accepting their identity mentioned by a bunch of brofessionals whom choice is to critique instead of causing drama. But again, unfortunately and with so much pity, this is the Lebanese Chaos community after all. And I could only say that this blog was a brave win-win!
I will miss writing reviews, I will miss reading the awesome posts from the admins, and I will definitely miss saying “holy shit I can´t wait to see what Brofessional Review has to say about this”
With all the love and the disappointment I have right now, Admin NK.
By Admin HY:  Being the youngest between all these admins, I had another take on Brofessional Review.  Some praised it, some ignored it, Agencies took it as a reference and kept refreshing our home page all day.Others didn’t get the point behind the blog and decided to dig deep to know who’s behind it
Some awesome people shared. liked, discussed, agreed, disagreed, opened discussions and embraced the whole idea behind the blog.For me, BR was all about EXPOSURE! I would have never been as exposed to the design and advertising scene in Lebanon if it wasn’t for the blog. And that doesn’t apply to me only! BR helped hundreds of readers, from students, to designers and creatives to be exposed to what’s happening around them (Opinions aside) and gave the chance to argue, take the admin’s opinion into consideration and express their own thoughts!
Being surroudned by design and advertising students for most of the times it was such a magical feelings to see them discuss and question a campaign or an illustration, just because BR showcased it. Brofessional Review was a jounrey of a lifetime, I started as a reader and moved as a occasional contributor.

Last note to our readers: No matter who you are, how good you are and wherever you work or study, if you don’t know what’s happening outside, you’re nothing! (it’s a jungle out there) (ok that was very dramatic) (ok sorry I’ll clam down)

Loads of love,

The Brofessionals. 

  1. Jad said:


  2. Alice said:

    The only great thing about people who think they’re above everything is that they can get butthurt so easily (metaphorically and literally). You were great, I wish you guys would have stayed more!

  3. K said:

    Good riddance!

  4. josef said:

    I was enjoying your blog, what happened?
    screw the hatters they are bunch of losers, there are ups and downs in everything… why take a drastic decision and kill a review page that was attracting a lot (and I mean a lot) of attention?
    I was actually expecting your next move to be a printed magazine (or a digital one), or maybe a monthly extension to one of known publications…
    too bad…

    • Admin I said:

      Josef your words mean so much to us, we’re still open to all possibilities and ready to grow and collaborate but for now this experience had to end, not only because of haters, but because of several things that made this attempt reach this end.. We’re very proud!

      • Natalia said:

        I just realized thar we have no ” alternative” to brofessional review!!!! 😭😭😭😭

      • Admin I said:

        unfortunately, the mafia made us lose the thrill.. Thanks for being a loyal supporter!

  5. abc said:

    You will be missed..a lot.

  6. fad said:

    so sad that i will no longer be reading your witty comments and thoughts on all things design in Lebanon – no tip toeing around the truth for you guys (were there any girls on your team?)
    luv to all of you from Australia

    • Admin I said:

      Thank you fad, we actually started with 4 girls and we ended with 2 🙂

      • fad said:

        Somehow I could never tell if you were M or F. But assumed it was M because of the ‘Bro’ – how narrow-minded of me.
        I like your blog even more knowing it was started by women!
        please send news of your next brojects!

      • Admin I said:

        The ‘B’ in brofessional was only to make fun of how unporfessional we are. B instead of P, as pronounced by some Lebanese. we’ve been always a mix of men and women writers.

  7. Dudette said:

    chou hal khabryeh 3aboukrit el soboh???
    i was happy reading my thoughts published by someone else here…

    • Admin I said:

      See, we’re not super happy as well, but it had to happen.. I’m sure you’re ex-colleagues at Leo are partying now, but hell, glad you’re flying away.
      Good luck with promoseven and we can always discuss getting both our thoughts published some time, who knows how and when.. You can always contact us if you have any idea!

  8. M said:


  9. Cheers to such a thoughtful and beautiful blog. Thank you for your passion and critique. It’s a pity you’re waving goodbye..

  10. The only time this blog was getting any views was when you bashed campaigns or people.
    Stop pretending like you achieved anything!

  11. Kiki said:

    The most fun design blog ever!
    Why you guys?
    You’ve done a great job!

  12. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Leo Burnett: Take this job and shut up already.
    BrofessionalReview: Sounds good. But let us publish a farewell post first.

    • Admin I said:

      You’ll be missed Mr. though this sentence could not happen, not in your/their wildest dreams 🙂

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