Let’s Sukleen Lebanon: ‘Garbage’ reviewed

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Let’s Sukleen Lebanon: ‘Garbage’ reviewed

By Admin NJ: What is the BEST advertising campaign of 2012? We really would’ve postponed this question if only we knew that Sukleen was planning to release a sequel to its previous flop!

For the previous campaign, we were generous enough to compliment some parts, not this time though; Let us replace the word ‘Ad’ by ‘Garbage’, for a mere metaphorical sake.

What’s up with the ‘Garbage’?

This new printed ‘garbage’ is supposed to promote the free Sukleen application, now available on any smart phone near you.

Clementine made a follow up to the previous campaign – that displayed fashionable models posing in a very artificial way – that doesn’t get better as it serves a new level of ‘garbage’ today along with their never-ending sense of failing ‘jeu de mots’.

This new campaign, under the headline ‘let’s SUKLEEN Lebanon’, showcases bending down and stretching poses of both male and female models served with tons of face make-up and a very stylish wardrobe. These models are basically aiming their phone’s cameras towards the ground and snapping a shot.

Technicality: The photographic treatment is well executed, but again it brings nothing new to the previous campaign, as the outdoor setting and lighting are still the same.

Wait this garbage concept is not over,

One would wonder how this app works and whether this visual is a real reflection of the app’s core. Well yes, you can now, using this app, take photos of all kinds of dump you see on the streets, and instead of picking it up and throwing it in the garbage *which takes a minute*, you take a photo of that very beautiful pile and report it to Sukleen and they will rush to pick it up for you just like those cute models are doing! …Little offensive right?

Once again, this approach fails to please, and this time it’s backed up by a strange application concept. If there will be a next time, the focus should evolve around other features in the application, such as the tips on sorting and recycling your home dumps for instance.

  1. MN said:

    Personally, i agree with the term “garbage” used and not as a metaphor. Yes the execution of photography is wonderful, yet it doesn’t show us a lebanese environment, even the models, please tell me they are lebanese if so i want to me them. The fact that SUKLEEN is now trying to promote itself by means of technology is wrong, they seem they are more into becoming a product then stay an organization and serve their cause; cleanliness isn’t sold on app stores or websites, it is achieved by a simple bend and pick technique which im surely everyone is good at these days.
    They try to come up with new stuff that ” isn’t done before ” and yet don’t think it through.

  2. adminhm said:

    After desperate attempts to defend them and their garbage, I finally give up… a very well deserved award, worst ad-gar agency!

  3. Ashamed said:

    I wonder what a Sukleen worker would think of all this

  4. Sami Aoun said:

    Let’s Sukleen Clementine.

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