Roads For Life 2012

Roads For Life 2012

By Admin G:  So the new TVC of RFL was released few days ago; a pretty smart ad with the wrong line!

Adel Karam, a comedian, elected now to endorse a tragedy with a serious look. Well, not too weird for me… If we look deeper into Adel Karam’s profile, we shall all agree that he has it all for young adults – this campaign’s main audience: He’s good-looking, manly (not when he’s Wajdi though!), funny, cool and trendy; he’s simply a profile that young men identify themselves with and that girls find ‘oh, so cool!’.

Plainly, it is just saying: RFL is sponsoring doctors’ education with the ATLS program blah blah blah…and communicating through Adel an indirect message to youngsters saying: you will still be liked even if you acted responsible. So, do act responsible in every facet of your life: well intended and well transmitted.

However, the commercial’s weak point remains in the line: ‘2tou3 w mara2’. It just does not carry the weight of the whole mission of RFL, and breaks the curve of the whole approach. We’re not advising a dramatic line, nor a super hilarious one, but since the campaign plays on this analogy, ‘2tou3 w mara2’  sounds too, umm.. FLAT!

You have to tag your work with the price that is worth it, no?!

  1. josef said:

    From all possible commercials to criticize, you chose a CSR… well, bad choice!
    this campaign to my knowledge is advertising the critical hour when someone gets first aid right after accident. it is not intended to preventing accidents (this is not the main message if you look closely at the ad) but to advertise this specific 1st aid program (I think it is called Trauma Golden Hour, check this link:

    With a successful Golden Hour Program, you can accept “2tou3 w mara2” line, it works perfectly if one is SAVED thanks to this particular 1st aid training.

    • adminG said:

      We did not say otherwise…we just explained why was Adel Karam chosen as the spokesperson for RFL. And since this is a GOLDEN Hour then I think they should tag their work with the price that is worth it…that’s all.

  2. josef said:

    All I’m saying is that I like your blog guys, and I hate to see proper ads being bashed while there is a crap load of work our there and they are getting away with it…. speaking of which, did you by any chance see this horrible coffee ad? I don’t remember the name of the brand but there was a lot of “La2aaaa, mbalaaaa…” stupidity in it!

    • adminG said:

      OoOoO we did not bash RFL we just had some comments on the line 🙂 Besides we do not review ads that are waaayyy below standards, we don’t waste our readers’ time on that!

      keep on following 🙂

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Not bad. Btemru2.

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