Act for the Disappeared: Authenticity takes it on, again!

Act for the Disappeared: Authenticity takes it on, again! 

By Admin G: A sad emotional campaign: ‘Act for the Disappeared’ by GREY (so long you guys!) with a series of videos tagged: ‘Enough Waiting We Want to Know’.

A successful campaign that tackles the subject from the very right angle: The music, the scenes, the actors, the expressions touch you deeply and take you away in a flow of thoughts, questions and an overflowing nostalgia…What happened to the 17000 kidnapped & where are they? How where they kidnapped? It brings up multiple questions with no answers, by a simple set of visual reminders, insights and stories…

These videos make you feel a piece of the mother’s grief, the father’s solicitation and the son’s pain in a subtle real way with no glam glam concepts or advertising overdone far-fetched approaches.

It is why these videos came spot on!

What’s also interesting, having almost 5 different visual approaches, is the alignment of all elements in all videos, each giving the same dramatic mood, delivering the real sense of social responsibility campaigns that should be capable of inducting actions on the ground.

One of the TVCs however, happens to be different in the concept and implementation, facing a bigger challenge; the message is addressed to officials holding them responsible for the 17,000 kidnaps (not that it can really touch those cold irresponsible creatures by any measure!)

May the spell reverse on those black magicians and bring back the 17000 disappeared; let’s all gather this Saturday the 17th at the National Museum to ACT for the cause.

And cheers to storytelling in advertising!

  1. These are not “actors” as you describe them, these are real people with missing sons, husbands, etc…. I think you should go back and watch Bahij Bjeij’s incrdible documentary “Kidnapped” which was done long ago, and which I think still remains the most powerful testimony about the matter. I am not negating the campaign by Grey, but I think it was done way better in the past.

    • Admin I said:

      True Tarek, but in those ads they did use actors to portray actions.. I do cherish real stories as you suggested, reality is way more engaging..

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