Beirut Animated and the busiest June ever!

Beirut Animated and the busiest June ever!
By Admin I: Okay so we’re stressing here at BR! It’s indeed a busy period in Beirut where all events are tightly scheduled one after the other, making June the ‘must be in Beirut’ month!
It starts this weekend – actually tomorrow – with Beirut Animated (though sticking to ‘Beirut moutaharrika’ even in Latin is much more interesting) an animation Film Festival featuring Arab films, international independent films, retrospectives, special programs, workshops and discussion panels.

“Beirut Animated is organized once every two years by The Metropolis Association. The festival aims at promoting animation in Lebanon by showcasing International, Arab and Lebanese animation productions. Moreover, the festival seeks to become a platform where professionals from Lebanon, the Arab region and the World can meet, exchange and discuss issues related to animation, its production and development”

I have personally attended the last version of the festival 2 years ago, and let me tell you, the works featured were of a great value, presenting new techniques and rich stories to an audience that struggles between the local artsy-fartsy scene that’s not able to get a step beyond a hipster-fake attitude in film-making, and a European ‘imported’ wave of films making more buzz then any Lebanese film festival simply because ‘les tantes ashrafieh’ prefer “Le Festival du Cinéma Européen‘ over any other initiative.

The 3rd edition of this non-competitive festival will take place from the 14th to the 18th of June, 2013 at the Metropolis Empire Sofil in Ashrafieh and will be touring in 4 key cities of the Arab world: Tunis, Tangier, Cairo and Dubai.
Looking forward to attend, encourage and review! 
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