The 2012 Design Roundup


Illustration by Admin I

Illustration by Admin I

The 2012 Design Roundup 

By Admin I: So it was a year of blunt questioning, doubting and experimentation. Design evolution in Lebanon does not have a clear path yet, though 2012 was a time where some bold steps were taken into a better understanding of the field.


We might not have an objective judgment (we never had and never will) but to be honest, we’ve gone a step further in taking tangents towards a more thought of design behavior, even though the field is being harshly split between technicians and the so called ‘thinkers’.



Two major design practices took a rise in 2012 in Lebanon: information design and storytelling/narratives. It’s like even my Grandma is interested in infographics nowadays, with major spotlights on a field that was perceived a bit dry and ‘boring’; a good indicator of a new generation of designers that is more and more interested in reading, analyzing information and knowing what’s beyond Adobe Softwares. On another note, narratives and storytelling are definitely another heart and soul magnet, adding a genuine layer to any visual approach, getting a bit abused but can still have interesting results.

What is mainly astonishing about 2012, is the shift from mere aesthetics to a better understanding of context; there are less design houses doing menus and wrapping papers and more freelance talents flying beyond corporate limitations. There is definitely less propaganda around famous Lebanese designers and a focused will to outshine Arabesque meets Egyptian vintage posters queens.

2013 is indeed an open space to improve, a clash, a split and a huge debate over the chaos faced in this field, all indicating a rich interaction that should flourish very very soon.

Cheers to a more problematic 2013! (It feel very weird to be that positive, doesn’t it?!)








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