2012 BEST and WORST campaigns: results revealed

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2012 BEST and WORST campaigns: results revealed

By Admin I: Here’s what we thought when brainstorming about this year’s campaigns: we faced a sucky year when it comes to good advertising, we had our issues with multi-nationals, but who cares?! We never did, and will never do! We’ll feature the best of the year’s visual and conceptual work, even if some are still facing this huge question mark when it comes to originality.

It’s an endless debate: who should win?! The campaign that made ‘the’ Buzz this year with its ‘mashewe wel shabeb’ massively reaching an audience and building a very rare connection with the mass that has always been neglected in local advertising? We were always faced by ‘we are not the Egyptians’ and colloquial-pop a la Melody’s ‘Oum el Agnabi’ campaigns would never work here; but they did!! The campaign, whether you like it or not, was this year’s all-star advertising shock, especially that it’s a total freelance creative work, with no agency involved!

Again, who should win?!  The one that started a whole new line based on storytelling (Ksara) or the insightful (Alfa), the eye-candy (Touch), the ballsy (LB beer) or the touching (Tamanna)?

BEST and WORST dominated by Leo Burnett Beirut

The voting was launched and it was open for endless subjective interaction; agencies voted (even if they claimed being too prestigious to vote, having their ‘Lions’ stacked on the shelves), brands voted, as well as an audience that proved leaning for the emotional. The voting ended with 100,018 votes for the best campaign and was wrapped by a win for Leo Burnett Beirut’s Alfa account with its two TVCs ‘Midline’ and ‘U-chat’. Alfa won after a severe competition with ‘Christmas in September’ by Horizon DRAFTFCB. The two winning campaigns totally deserved the win, even if they don’t actually represent the future of the industry, but a very classical-pretty-poo shy approach to new media.

‘El Khat el Askari’ by Alfa was another campaign highly nominated by the voters (probably Alfa employees had no work to do / could be Leo’s bored interns as well); the campaign is just too classically ‘blah’, to enter such a competition.

You can’t be worst than ‘Smeds’

So what can we say about an agency that wins ‘Best campaign for 2012’ and manages to grab the ‘Worst campaign for 2012′ as well?!

Highly Schizophrenic, Leo Burnett Beirut received what it deserved after reaching rock bottom with its Exotica account. It would’ve been boring to repeat how drastically horrendous the work on this account has been during 2012, but a win in ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ totally screams for a wake-up call. You can’t! You just can’t!

Smeds came third (3rd spot worst is such a good win for Smeds), while the second spot was the audience’s nomination for Zaatar w Zeit’s Eurocup campaign.

Congrats for the year’s winners and losers, the ‘fake’, the ‘real’ and the ‘schizo’, thanking every single person who took part in this year’s 102,000 votes poll.

Screenshots shown below:

numbers  BEST WORST

And Congrats For the ‘BUZZ’ creative team:

Production: Frame Nation Films
Producer: Rudy Francis
Director: Jad Aouad
DOP: Fadi Kassem
Creative Director: Nathalie Masri (no agency)
AD: Krystel Mansour
Wardrobe: Jessy Moussallem

  1. josef said:

    Holy Moly… 100K votes!!!! and the first got a 40K plus…. some sickos spent their vacation clicking on the vote button day and night… lol

  2. Najib said:

    I don’t get it. Who did this poll and who voted?

    • Najib, this is as biased as any other poll which takes place in Lebanon. It is ego drive, has sampling problems, anonymous polls, skewed data, and whatever have you. I am not saying it is BR’s fault, but well, I have serious doubts regarding the results. Interestingly, I did vote for the worst campaign.

      • Najib said:

        I understand but did the BR team come up with it? Where did they get the results? I never heard about it.

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        It’s a “brofessional” poll. The results must be taken with a grain of salt.

      • Admin I said:

        No salt no pepper in the voting but loooots of other powders in the post O.o

      • Admin I said:

        Tarek we wanted a subjective poll since the first minute, it’s highly ‘a la brofessional’ though it’s highly transparent. We never claimed being official or objective!

      • Admin I said:

        It’s just a non-official fun poll, and results were put as they are (snapshots), even though we disagree with most of them!!

    • Admin I said:

      The voting started on december 5 and it was always present as a sidebar on the blog.. You probably didn’t know but we kept promoting it on our fb and twitter 🙂

      • Guys, don’t worry, it happens every time. When in 1988 there was a mock “presidential election” by the people at SEP (which was the equivalent for the Biel for that time), and even if the results would never be taken into consideration – the race between Aoun and Geagea was so tight that militia people were insturcted to go vote and obsturct anyone from entering the area when Aoun was about to win by a hair’s breadth. So it’s OK if some ad agency wanted its honor intact int he process….

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Leo Burnett is the Sandra Bullock of advertising. In 2010, the actress won both an Oscar and a Razzie.

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