Don’t go to Lebanon: an advertising Fattoush

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Don’t go to Lebanon: an advertising Fattoush

By Admin I: Another advertising campaign going viral, this time it’s ‘don’t go to Lebanon’ by Impact BBDO for the ministry of Tourism. The viral video this time is not about Lara K’s thighs or Fadel Shaker’s crimes, it’s a whole other Leb-o-fiesta playing on emotional appeal, in what is known as reversed psychology, and borderline irony.

First thing’s first, the ad is considered good if compared to Clementine’s ministry of tourism visual massacres released last February, and way better than the old versions by BBDO, you know the ones having a woman in Bikini and another wearing a Chador. It’s a smart overall idea, mainly targeting emigrants rather than new tourists, which is a highly realistic insight, knowing that in such situations, nostalgia is not intended at affecting foreigners.

The thing is that it’s beautifully shot, naturally art directed without going over the top cliche, but what’s annoying is overdoing it. It actually feels like a fattoush went wrong, I mean the same concept could’ve been made without the reach for celebrity endorsement, they add nothing to the concept but a twist of hypocrisy, being the first to encourage tourism all around the Arab World but abstain from pro-bono events in their own country.

Okay so it’s meh-to-well done, hoping that one day Arabic copywriting can become as natural as the filming skills, simply because it in this case, it serves a fake dramatic purpose instead of self-identification. The ‘less idealistic’ aspect is what made this campaign go viral, let’s keep that in mind!

  1. Dudette said:

    i think what made it go viral is the title.
    personally i clicked on it because i thought it was a warning about visiting Lebanon issued by some foreign country.

    • Admin I said:

      True as well, checking the number of views between the version released earlier (has another title) and this version.

  2. josef said:

    I think what made it go viral is the fact that Lebanese are eager to show and share the good side of their country, after all we are fed up with the bad advertising Assir and co. managed to expose lately.
    this is a great piece imo.

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    You risk dying if you go to Lebanon, but then again there are virgins in heaven.

  4. Tarek said:

    Please where are these places , exclusively the lake ??

    • EsteemedAdCritic said:

      Looks like the Mokhtara waterfall to me. Butt I could be wrong.

  5. Tarek said:

    they must mention tags of places in video, how people will knw that places !!! please any1 knws the place of the lake ?

    • jussyte said:

      Hi Tarek,
      The lake is in Chouf area, al mokhtara. It’s called “Borket al 3arous”.

      • Tarek said:

        Tnx bro, nshalla this vacation we’ll visit it 🙂

  6. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    It’s a pond not a lake.

  7. Guest22 said:

    Anyone has any info about the music used in this commercial? It feels like a Fairuz song.

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