Ministry of Tourism 02: Lebanon the pointless cabaret

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Ministry of Tourism 02: Lebanon the pointless cabaret

By Admin I: When we called this year’s first Ministry of Tourism TVC a miracle by Clementine, we weren’t kidding (we’re usually right, #justsaying).

They just cannot have a series of successful work; after the release of a decent campaign with a horrible headline (SmiLebanon), Clementine got back with a part 02 promoting a 50 days sales period initiated by the Ministry itself. And what are we promoting again?!! As much as we loved how the first campaign had no ‘tourism’ cliches, the second fails to remember that we’re promoting a country not a cheap art directed, more like ‘decorated’ cabaret!

You guys cannot! The whole approach is a 90s looking mess trying too hard to be creative that it fails to even have a decent unique selling point, or at least a promise. Even though it seems like jingles are back trendy after the Touch campaign’s Hamed Sinno jingle, but in 2013, we cannot just go and recycle Marwan Najjar’ish soap-opera music and stick it to a ministry ad!

Nothing looks and/or sounds Lebanese in this campaign, not even the flamboyant entertainment scenes, art direction or the copy-based jingle. This same idea could be used to promote a Maameltein restaurant (the ones usually having back rooms for happy endings) having a 50 nights show by ‘Samaher’ (isn’t that the name of all belly-dancers here?!).

To wrap up this disappointed post, the idea of having an imaginative experience on board had potentials to be further developed (even though it’s not very new), but starting with an idea and forcing  a concept to it, made it too cheap for a touristic purpose (ministry = government = country = you cannot do that!!)

Cheers to cheap advertising, after all, we’re craving for some sleazy lusty khalijis aren’t we?!

Production: Global Films
Agency: Clémentine
Creative Director: Sami Saab
Director: Mazen Fayad
DOP: Toufic Tabbal
Art Director: Issa Kandil
Stylist and Costume Designer: Bashar Assaf
Casting Director: Marianne Tanios
Assistant Director: Michelle Hallit
Singer: Anne Sophie Azzi
Music: Walid Sarrouh
Post Production: The-Bright Side
Color Grading: Faisal Merheb

  1. Lebanese said:

    I can’t wait to visit Lebanon after seeing this commercial… said no one ever.

  2. I am seriously chocked…what happened? Why? I am so sorry to say the ad is so out of context

  3. Remember they are trying to summon the Arab tourists back, and a reference to a cabaret is quite frankly their only shot to achieve that. We all know Lebanon got too expensive and dangerous for them in all other respects;)

    • Admin I said:

      I hope I missed your sarcasm Darine; I’m sure you wouldn’t like your country to be promoted as a brothel..

  4. Jessy said:

    It looks like a stockings ad

  5. marc said:

    Clementine should be closing asap. I ve never seen such a sleezy production house/campaigns.
    I feel sad for our country ( including the cheap campaigns)

  6. Souad said:

    Well personally, I liked this approach much more than the first one!
    At least it’s not poetic and more down to earth.We need tourists and no literature!
    It’s musical, fun, unexpected…
    The song, the art direction could have been way better but all in all it’s captivating!

  7. Tarek Bacha said:

    That is the cheapest most disgusting tourism film on the planet, seriously those guys are beyond stupid. i am surprised the main stream media did not tackle such a disaster.

    Sami Saab and associates should go to prison for unlawfully getting all those accounts, Clementine paid global films 50,000$ for this film i wonder how much Clementine have charged for the ministry of tourism.

  8. Tarek Bacha said:

    by the way to be fair a lot of blame goes also for the production house, the director might have done an ok job but the DOP, art director, styling and post production are a DISASTER , it is one of the cheapest productions ever

    • jiji said:

      Mr Basha send me please your showreel.
      Maybe i can give some job.TOUFIC TABBAL

  9. jiji said:

    Are you blaming the D.O.P and The art director… you are far away from the media….!!!!!

    • Admin I said:

      Yes, that’s very badly art directed, any problem with that?!

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