Fight the System, the design system!

Graphic Design is dead (The sequel): 

Illustration by Admin I

Illustration by Admin I

Fight the System, the design system! (inspired by the one and only Admin N)

By Admin I : Sometimes you just sit around to analyze your current condition as an aspiring Lebanese graphic designer, and maaaan it’s shitty!

What are we supposed to do in a place where design is drastically split between cheap technical ‘matbaajiyeh’ and obnoxious design thinkers? How much can we survive crawling in the mud before ending up in one of these two categories?!

I might not have enough experience to make such assumptions (I’m not an art director living on pills just yet), but who wants to be a part of a community that functions on an addictive daily dose of bullshit; of people forcing their own brains to think that a logo or a stupid typographic composition can really make a change and that we are problem solvers and visual communicators?! Well, no. We sadly are victims of our own egos and a bunch of digits that make us go all the way from Swiss to Arabesque to please a client that probably knows nothing about what we do, and why we’re doing it.

Decorators (also known as interior designers) are not much better; while mixing furniture with tile choices can be claimed to end world hunger, a wrong choice of curtains can really be as devastating as 9/11.

Product Steve-Jobbers, are also problem solvers in their own perspective! In 2012, a microscopic device can take pictures, give you the best tan ever and can also be made into a chair, a very ergonomic one!

Let’s just wake up you guys; design has always been there to ameliorate visual nuances in people’s lives, just nuances, it was never a need, there was never a problem to solve and no ‘design thinking’ excuse to hide the fact that you cannot function aesthetically.

What’s irritating the most is that you spend time, money and energy on something that you lose whenever you reach its core. What’s more irritating is that it makes you consciously analytical, to the extent of looking for alternatives, for escapism in the new sense of the term, where you work to find new definitions, something that probably sounds like ephilectrotopology design (doesn’t exist, don’t google) just to say that you’re not just like the others.

Fight the System, the design system.

Fight bullshit because it’s demeaning to what you do,

Fight decorators because they shouldn’t exist,

Fight product designers because they’re a bunch of capitalist wannabes,

Fight ad-men because they’re a bunch of hypocrites, rich hyper-sexual ones.

And keep on fighting!


  1. N. said:

    call me naive, but im a firm believer that design can save the world!

  2. And how are you fighting the system? I believe you are part of it, and feeding it yourself.

    • Admin I said:

      Wether I’m fighting it or not, a part of it or not, the point here is being aware that things should change, and designers should starts questioning their own field. It’s never about ‘ME’ in this blog.

      • Just sounds like a lot of smoke, but no fire. #justsaying

      • Admin I said:

        Making people think about it is a good piece of fire by itself 🙂

  3. You know, as a lot of people would oppose to this post, I actually agree. I believe that such furious attitude comes out from every designer in Lebanon. Why? Because as designers in this country, we fight for the best, we look for inspiration that doesn’t exist, we struggle with clients and after all that we go like “and then what?”

    I know designers in Lebanon that really gave up the idea of working in the design field in the country, and I could consider myself as one of them.

    The design field is one of the most fascinating things i have ever worked in. I have been to countries that restored my faith in design and brought that inspiration that I lacked in Lebanon. I’m blaming the country and its lack of creative “designers” and the fakes and etc. but I’m not necessarily trying to find a solution (cause hey i get to be a non problem solver for once in my life!)

    So yes I totally agree with this post.

    • Admin I said:

      Our main problem as designers is this vague aura of pretentiousness that we label as problem solving one day, and design thinking the other.. we wouldn’t really need labels if we knew what we’re doing and stood up for it.. Thanks for the feedback Nat.

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