Kunhadi and Alfa: the unfinished job!


Kunhadi and Alfa: the unfinished job!

By Admin NK: Kunhadi’s mothers day campaign didn’t fail to impress us even though it was produced more than a year ago, and the same goes to their latest text driving campaign. So Kunhadi launched its new mobile campaign in collaboration with Alfa; the TVC is pretty impressive, not cliche (the missing arm wasn’t used in a dramatic way), something you probably wouldn’t see coming and straight to the point. What works here is mainly having a background story, an insight and anticipation, I mean we’ve all learned at some point that an awareness campaign has to have this shocking element used in a clever way, and I guess Kunhadi is slightly “getting” there instead of implementing a usual drama scene. Although I do have this tiny concern that it seems like a deja vu (whoever finds the original version wins something, whatever) but hey let’s give Lebanese advertisement the kudos this time!

But COME ON! Have you seen the billboards?! They seem completely out of concept, 90s-boring, and no you can’t just show a guy on a chair with a broken hand and bad use of typography (Saatchi better read our latest post about Kashidas, yes, you type ignorants!) next to him and make it a “don’t text and drive” campaign, unless I’m missing something that I would be delighted to know! Do you guys not hire the same people for that? We’d love to see for once a decent campaign that doesn’t just throw good ideas for the sake of advertising, the TVC was well done, but the whole campaign is highly ‘meh’.

CSRs are like the trickiest shit in advertising, you either make it or break it, and whenever you lack a coherent campaign with a potential impact, you by consequences, lack the chance of getting an awareness message across to your audience.

So make everyone happy, don’t text and drive, no really, we don’t want to see such caliber of work.


Agency: M&C Saatchi MENA
Associate Creative Director: Pierre El Khoury
Senior Art Director: Mohamed Kabbani
Arabic Writer: Maya Macaron

Production House: Beirutworks
Director: Hady Syriani
DOP: Pierre Mouarkesh
Post Production: Alleycat
Music Composer: Harry Hedeshian

  1. Dudette said:

    ma kteer t3allamit… is it safe to drive with one hand?

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    The concept is interesting, but the whole thing feels like a hasty job. Falls short of the the message it’s trying to convey.

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