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Intro by Admin I :  Because they were interested and interesting enough to comment on our labor day post “A letter to the BIG guy up there”, and simply because they decided to say NO to the BIG guys they faced and started their own journey, we decided to publish one of their comments, a part of a  4 page article published earlier in Arabad. And just for you to know, having agency contributors will make us even more responsible, bashing their failures and praising their successes; We no play, we no compromise, and no, we no do paid contributions.

An interesting piece of shit!

By Interesting Times :

‘When the world changes fundamentally, survival depends on fundamental change’
HHCL 1997

We find it amusingly ironic that HHCL would publish a manifesto warning ad agencies about the dire need to change, catch the unflinching eye of WPP who would shortly after buy out HHCL, and eventually shut it down in early 2007.

Little did they seem to know the true worth of that document published back in 1997. Hasn’t change always been the only constant? We are definitely not going to preach to the choir here. We know you know that the media landscape has changed. And it sure goes without say that the consumer has changed. But through it all, someone else has changed. Today, the men behind the curtains have also changed. Even in the Middle East, people in creative agencies who have long been eyeing change, have now themselves changed. It seems as though it were in our DNA to seek a good job in a big corporation, and stay at it, fighting our way up until the day we die at the corporate desk. But a brave few are starting to think differently, and starting new. More good guys at big agencies are thinking small and fast.

All around the world, we see major corporations bleeding talent for all the same reasons. They now realize that it is time to restructure; now or never. Take Google.
There change of leadership is likely to bring a change in corporate culture too, which is evident from Page’s statement, “My goal is to run Google at the pace and with the soul and passion of a startup.” Let’s see how this change pans out for Google, which is now facing multiple threats in the form of faster and lither competitors and increased government scrutiny. (source Yahooo) Not only from a revenue perspective but mainly from a talent perspective. Google appears to be bleeding talent. In recent weeks, it was confirmed that Omar Hamoui, former AdMob founder, and Lars Rasmussen, Google Maps and Google Wave creator, have both left the company. (source TMCnet)

Corporations seem to be restructuring not to meet new technologies or clients needs, but to meet talent needs. Have they finally realized that their business depends on it? If you are a talented person sitting behind a desk at some big corporation, then this all is nothing but good news to you. What the new talents of today really want is to do great work. And a truly creative agency knows that if you focus on the work, the money will come. So if you’re a big corporation you better restructure to keep your talent. It is either that, or today’s talents will only up and follow their dream and start their own little thing. But all is well that ends well. If you are a talented person thinking of starting up, or a big corporation thinking of restructuring, three words: never fear change. May you always live in interesting times.


The reader’s corner 001: A Lebanese Bank’s campaign inspired*

The reader’s corner official launch, featuring Reader00J (lots of Js on this website!).

00J sent us an email earlier this week, with the material below pointing a resemblance between 2 campaigns, The first is Banque Libano-Francaise (2006) and the second is Byblos Bank (2012). Check his own review and we’ll wrap up the post with ours!

Reader00J :

Talking about loss of Creativity in the country!
Here’s the latest Byblos Campaign, which is the result of long Pitch process that was won by FP7.
Doesn’t it remind you of a campaign that aired back in 2006 for another local bank?
Check the below and attached and you be the judge!
It is too bad, really; that the Bank’s communication re-launched ended being a copy of something that has been airing for years.

Banque Libano-Francaise in 2006

Byblos Bank in 2012
Admin I :   Well, to be honest the resemblance in the concept and approach is quite relevant, however, having to advertise personal loans for banks in Lebanon is initially very redundant as a subject matter, therefore, receiving the boring brief from a client can be quite a heavy burden: it’s a personal loan, that can help growing a business, building a house and solving other problems, which makes the issue of originality here related to the client himself.
Visually the 2 campaigns are very similar but not copied, with the very “coincidental” use of the same professions for outdoors (fashion design, architecture.. ) and a close visual approach for the videos as well.. A real-tv approach documenting a process triggered by the loan that ultimately reaches success… one looks more credible while the other looks like a poor episode of a Lebanese series…
Thanks to Reader 00J for his contribution, we will gladly publish any suggestion or contribution you send to