Almaza goes back to Almaza: Fta7oulé Reji3

Almaza goes back to Almaza: Fta7oulé Reji3

By Admin I: So it’s seems like Almaza finally got back to its senses! Those guys are sober again after a  drunk phase sponsored by Lebanese Brew, their only local competitor. The two beers cater to immensely different audiences, a point that Almaza failed to acknowledge at first, and tried to adapt to LB’s young, daring and westernized marketing tools.

‘Fta7oulé Reji3’ is the new summer campaign by Almaza, evolving around Lebanese insights and short stories, authentic, true and funny (in the most part). The campaign is definitely smart, even if featuring insights the way they are feels a bit flat, but that’s in the end a personal opinion. A well shot video, well scripted and art directed starting from an interesting play on word between (fta7 Almaza, and fta7 el beb). The best feature of this campaign is definitely the series of lines saying “Naji reji3” and so on, simply because it depicts a very Lebanese idea brought back from the post-war memories, you know, the walls sprayed with the same slogan.

This year, drink for your friends and bring them back to Lebanon.
Because wherever they are in the world, nothing feels better than coming back home.

On another note, a debate was going on the brand’s facebook page, claiming that the idea was proposed to Almaza by another agency, stolen and revamped, a cat-fight indeed that was deleted later on (you’re lucky we couldn’t find evidence!).

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 11.24.47 AM

Good job for Almaza, initiating a positive summer season, using the right timing, the right umbrella and the right approach to talk to a very loyal audience. ‘Hayda Jawkun”, stick to it, it’s the only way you can remain original and truthful.

    • Tarek, we might be young here, but we certainly aren’t the stupid ‘kids’ that you are talking about. We do know that the ‘x-reji3’ formula is attributed to Aoun, the spray is freakin still present in our neighborhood, but what we meant in the post was the fact that such slogans/formulas are post-war reminders (exactly why we said post war, we know our history man!) and are not anymore linked to 1 personality whether it’s Aoun or any other person. Almaza did not miss that connection (unless they’re too stupid), and we didn’t either, it’s no rocket science, we all know the story but chose not to show off an evident fact.

  1. Post has been amended. The words “kids these days” were an inside joke no more – I thought by this time the respect I have for your work was apparent (I only commented – and once each time – on two other blogs. This is this the only blog I comment on. Apologies if it was misunderstood.

    • We have the same respect and admiration for you Tarek, we;ve already expressed that privately and publicly. We do apologize as well if the reply sounded mean, but we we are easily provoked.. Cheers man, and please let’s keep in touch.

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        I’m so delighted to witness this fight between two rival bloggers. *snake hiss sound effect*

      • Not between us and Tarek.. Never happened and never will.

  2. taza said:

    Comment no: 7

    • shadi kaddoum said:

      nice campaign, and it has the Almaza spirit. But i see the idea totally copied from MyTv “message from home” ads that was done a year ago in lebanon. check them on youtube, and judge yourself.

      • Admin I said:

        It is very similar, and by the way MyTv’s videos are very interesting, however the ides itself is not “new”, each has used it for a purpose. Clearly, Almaza stuck a concept on it, While MyTv made it like a web series..

  3. Well i dont know if you made a research before posting , (“” Lebanese Brew, their only local competitor.””).
    What about 961 ?

    And another thing when you want to say that Almaza’s only local competitor is another Beer company again … research again and i am pretty much sure that you will notice that you have forgotten to mention the Vodka mix companies such as Buzz , XXL , X-plosive, Flash etc…

    Oh and (“”immensely different audiences””) well i am pretty much sure that people in lebanon go for Lebanese Brew as plan B if the place doesn’t serve Almaza, they would be like fine whatever i just want a beer…! they wouldn’t care much about the plan B unless its a Corona because the lemon iside the transparent bottle looks fancy at a bar.

    hummm after commenting here i feel like having a beer !
    Cheers !

    • Admin I said:

      Dear, Lebanese Brew and 961 are products of one brewery.
      Beer competes with beer, other drinks target other audiences, in terms of age groups, cultural backgrounds and others.
      People who choose LB beer are way different than the ones that choose Almaza. They’re younger, westernized and belong to a certain subculture. The audience is different.

  4. Obviously you have no idea how to identify the competitors so…

    Definition of Product competitors :

    Business rivals who compete in the same PRODUCT CLASS but offer DIFFERENT BENEFITS, features, and prices.

    Definition of Product Class :

    Group or range of products that may serve as substitutes for one another, depending on how narrow or broad is the definition of the product. For example, a narrow product class for a ‘transport vehicle’ would include cars, pickups, vans, etc., whereas a broad product class would include aircraft, ships, trailer-trucks, etc.

    And to support my claim here’s a link :(scroll down to page 26 3rd paragraph)


    • Admin I said:

      Thanks for the links, yet this is not how things go in the Lebanese market.

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