AXE Wingman – Hayzabbatook!

AXE Wingman – Hayzabbatook! 

BRecap – Covering a series of campaigns that we missed earlier.

By Admin NK (this girl is unstoppable, decided to go regional now!): Valentines is 2 weeks old by now, but hey February is too short, and good campaigns that are worth reviewing should be showcased on this blog!

We have seen many Valentines campaigns this year, and if you’re a Valentines hater (like myself), you’ll probably have a laugh at AXE Middle East campaign: AXE Wingman-Hanzabattak.
Basically the campaign asks people to write a short story about that special person that they love/care about (and why not hook up with too?) on AXE Facebook page. Once this story is chosen, a specially personalized record will be created for that person! Too cheesy? Not really, I really thought the songs were pretty funny. I mean any girl would fall for a song, so why not a silly love song?
I think it’s a cool and humorous initiative for a Valentines campaign, I mean, if you suck at singing and its too late to buy gifts, just wait for your story to be chosen and send that cheap youtube link to your lover. But where does AXE relate in this whole campaign? Shouldnt they have created a special Valentines deodorant or something? AXE has always been about you-smell-so-good-i-want-you-now and I honestly think this should have been introduced in their campaign. I mean its VALENTINES! This is where it should happen! I don’t want a cheesy love song about a story where we met or whatever. Show me something more creative and I, as a loyal lover, will tell you to buy AXE deodorant for the whole month of February. I mean isnt that the point of campaigns?
I hope AXE will “izabbatouha” next Valentines, especially on the level of art direction.
More info:
Women love Valentine’s Day, and for guys it’s an opportunity to prove to that special someone that they love her… or still love her.

The Problem:
While some men don’t even bother trying, others are busy planning out the actual date; the attire, the gifts, the place, that they forget one of the most crucial things: popping the Valentine’s question: Will you be my Valentine?

The Solution:
We believe that if the man asks her out in an unforgettable way, his chances of her saying yes are higher. And if it’s touching and personal as well, the guy would actually make a positive impression before even going out on the date.

The Idea:
This Valentine’s, Axe will be your Wingman. Tell us on Facebook about the girl you want to be your Valentine, and if we like it, we’ll write, record and shoot a personalized song for you, in 4 hours, to share with that special someone. Unforgettable and personal, it will be the best “Will you be my Valentine?” she ever received.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 1.24.00 PM
Agency: Digital Republic, Cairo & Dubai
Client: Unilever / AXE
Creative Director: Karim A. Yusuf
Copywriters: Mohamed Ghazy, Ahmed Safi
Art Director: Karim A. Yusuf
Head of Accounts: Ismail Ternawly
Senior Digital Media Consultant: Hassan Daoud
Senior Social Media Consultant: Ahmed El-Sadek
Social Media Specialist: Nadine Sayegh
Director/Editor: Mohamed Khaled
Songwriters: Ahmed Safi, Mohamed Ghazy, Shady Ahmed,
Mohamed Jamal, Omar El-Deeb, Karim A. Yusuf

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