Almaza inspires* Carlsberg

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Almaza inspires* Carlsberg

Research Credits: MG

By Admin I: it’s like ‘who would’ve guessed?’ right?! Who would’ve thought Almaza can inspire anyone to replicate a campaign done a year ago in Lebanon.

The Carlsberg campaign came out going for an almost identical approach (x1000 better plot and art direction): a phone call in the middle of the night: a best friend is in trouble. Would you go out and help him? Carlsberg is testing some friendships. What would your friends do? Are they true mates?

While a year ago, on Valentines, Almaza tested friendship vs. love (check the review) in a campaign that came too similar to a previously released Heineken ad. Okay, we’re lost here! are beer advertising creatives that dumb that they google competitors’ ads from around the world? Man, couldn’t you just dig out some other industry at least so you can get away with the copied work?

You might think it’s the right moment to be proud of Almaza being an inspiration for other brands, okay fine, you can take the credits, but guys really, work harder on local competition, you’re already steps behind.

*Burrrp* (Blame the beer).

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