F/I/M²/P: awesomeness on matt paper

F/I/M²/P: awesomeness on matt paper

By N. & Admin HY: Lately, we’ve been called names and we’ve been questioned, they have threatened us and will continue to do so. People have called us haters who know nothing, but In the land of the DesignMafia™ and DesignWannabes™, we do know an eye-candy when we see one. Yesterday, An up and coming design magazine celebrated its annual anniversary and we were pleased to be there.

F/I/M²/P stands for Fashion/ Illustration/ Music/ Movies/ Photography but all in all, we like to define it with awesomeness. A Lebanese magazine founded by our new friends (we are so excited, like omaygad), Mohamad Abdouni and Rudy Shaheen (and co.) managed to standout with a high affinity to design and aesthetics. But enough with the emotions, let’s set aside the fact that we are as cheap as a glass of vodka (Admin I killing himself before publishing), and let’s get down to business.

The first time we got F/I/M²/P between our hands, we had a hard time believing that the Lebanese market could produce such a thing. A mat cover (a pet peeve of ours), beautiful typography and very neat layout, the magazine is basically a mix of sans-serif and serif classical typefaces, with a display slab-serif type custom-made by the team (Kudos to that). The main focus is exposing the local designers, whether photographers, illustrators, musicians or fashion designers; the team wanted a little escape where they could be free to do whatever and let the little genies inside of them run free. And so, F/I/M²/P was born. A platform for exchanging thoughts, opinions, and collaborations. This baby is a teaser, meeting its reader every two months with lots of visual treasures. The thing we liked most about F/I/M²/P is that each issue has a theme; starting off with the first one, an issue dedicated to the nineties that our ‘N.’ oh so gladly baptised as her bible (that 90s freak!). And it continues to tackle different subjects such a death and legacies, superheroes etc…

But in the end, we are Brofessionals and we have a reputation of spraying venom all over. See, the thing about F/I/M²/P is that it’s too westernised for a magazine that showcases Lebanese design. We would have loved to see a splash of Local identity added to it. But, that’s just our own opinion, we won’t really expect an audience of Posh rich kids to identify with it.

To wrap up this party, we will not sing but we will cheer for F/I/M²/P and their 50+ contributors for the great job they’re doing!

For Online viewing: http://www.issuu.com/fimp-mag

  1. dalalharb@gmail.com said:

    ، سأكتب باللغة العربية: بقدر ما المجلة جميلة وفيها من الإبداع الظاهر والنادر لوجوده في لبنان، أرى أن المجلّة لا تحاكيني كلبنانية. قرأت تحليلك يا أدمن أش واي (ويا أن) وبسطّوني حين أشرتم الى أن المجلة كتير ويسترنايزد. صح. برافو. يا ريت الجماعة بحكّو راسن بعد نكزة زغيرة وبفكّرو يطلعو بشي له علاقة أكثر مع المحلّي. المحلّي كتير عايز. اسألوني. دلال.

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