We made it!

We made it!

By Admin I: it’s not like we aren’t used to love and propaganda *insert hairflip*, but this time the amount of pride was overwhelming, coming from professionals in the advertising field.

So Communicate Levant chose BR to be one of the best 10 blogs in Lebanon, while a week some ‘x’ agency was gossiping about how we’re too hateful, and that they don’t check our posts anymore (P.S: they voted like crazy for their campaigns). The shortlisting came with no specific order and ranking and we made it to that list of 10, along with some very hard working fellow bloggers.

On another note, Communicate (we have no insiders there, I swear) chose to feature our yearly poll results for best and worst campaigns of the year. The comparison came very interesting (yes, we’re buzzing) between brofessionals and professionals. The results of that comparison came very similar, proving that the Lebanese creative scene is eager for real authentic feedback, for someone to deliver the audience’s word to the industry people sitting on cloud 13803.

We can’t but thank Communicate Levant for this feature, proving that this blog is not meant to stir up useless propaganda, but to work against the system that’s constantly underestimating people’s brains. Advertising could become so much better if creatives listen, they just have to drink less, be less enslaved to their clients, and manipulate their gigantic ego levels, to go forward.

With so much ego and so much pride: we made it!

Interesting times ad

Interesting Times, we LOVE your ad, send us a digital version please

Other blogs mentioned (in no specific order) include:
– Beirut Spring
– A Separate state of mind
– Plus961
– Marketing in Lebanon
– Gino’s Blog
– Toom Extra
– Joe’s Box
– Blog Baladi
– Beirut NTSC

  1. josef said:

    Congrat BR, despite your subjectivity you deserve to be on the top of that list… at least from my point of view.
    Well done!

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling them “best campaigns of 2012”, but rather “5 campaigns that didn’t suck ass”. Most of last year’s ads were heavy on comedy and aesthetics but light on concept. Nothing really stood out as great. The industry showed a lack in big ideas.

  3. Saeed said:

    Very well deserved guys, the brains behind all of this definitely deserves the hats off! Look at your baby growing up to be something huge!

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