GEMAS Effies 2012 – The results that shocked the field

They won the  2012 EFFIE GRAND PRIX for the second year in a row, Interesting Times and LB Beer seem unstoppable.

‘No Rights No Women’ by Leo Burnett Beirut, a campaign that keeps fooling award shows.

BBDO and shaky controversial wins.

‘Alfa Uchat’ by Leo Burnett Beirut: a real campaign for a non-NGO client and a well deserved award.

‘The Return of Ben Ali’ keeps on amazing the crowd.

By Admin I : So the regional version of the Effie’s took place in Dubai on the 21st of November 2012. The Effie’s is labeled as more than just a pretty-faced awards show; it’s about creative that sells and gets results. (a pretty fake promise, blaah, typical advertising!)

This year saw a 30% increase in submissions, as well as a significant boost in the number of boutique/independent agencies, proving that the field is going through a transitional phase where the domination of multinationals is gradually fading away.

Interesting Times won the Gemas Effie grand prix for the second year in a row for its ‘The Last Summer on Earth’ campaign for Lebanese Brew, It also won gold and bronze in social media, creating the biggest shock of the night, being a campaign that seriously went viral, had a buzz all around social media and the Lebanese Blogosphere; and yes, we Brofessionals have already named the campaign ‘one of the best releases of the year’ (we’re such a lucky charm aren’t we?!) despite all the controversy that followed, and the endless debate over originality.

Leo Burnett Beirut kept doing well with its expected NGO wins, and the one very bizarre ‘No Rights No Women’, a campaign that was done at the agency’s office, shot, covered and edited by the agency; the campaign that nobody saw (doesn’t even relate to advertising, having no audience) is still managing to grab various awards internationally.

Lebanese Winners of the 2012 GEMAS Effie MENA Awards are:

Grand Prix:

Interesting Times for the “Last Summer on Earth” campaign for Gravity Brewing
(This won GOLD in the Food & Beverage category)

Telecommunications/ Mobiles & Internet:

SILVER – Alfa U-Chat – Alfa – Managed by Orascom Telecom – Leo Burnett Lebanon

Best Youth Marketing Campaign:

BRONZE – Alfa U-Chat – Alfa – Managed by Orascom Telecom – Leo Burnett Beirut


SILVER – LBCi Drama Launch – Ward elkhal stunt – LBCi – Impact BBDO Lebanon

Travel, Tourism & Transportation:

SILVER – Vote for Jeita Grotto – Ministry of Tourism – Impact BBDO Lebanon

Best Use of Social Media:

SILVER – No Rights No Women – No Rights No Women – Leo Burnett Beirut
BRONZE – The Last Summer on Earth – Gravity Brewing – Interesting Times

Sports Marketing Campaign:

BRONZE – Nike Middle East I Run Beirut – United Sports of Lebanon – Mindshare Lebanon SAL

Food & Beverages – FMCG: 

GOLD – The Last Summer on Earth – Gravity Brewing – Interesting Times

Best Use of CSR:

GOLD – Break the Silence – Himaya – Leo Burnett Beirut

  1. yahia said:

    do you have results for the LB campaign that you can share with us. seems interesting. not sure about the market results. i have a feeling.

  2. josef said:

    Regardless of your sarcastic review (I agree with some of what was said), I think we should be proud of all the lebanese agencies who are managing to grab those awards against the Gulf multi-million budgets in an efficiency award show. Congratulation to all, keep it coming.

  3. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    What are the “Effies”? I’ve never heard of them. Any show that rewards a spoof ad for efficiency is a joke. Advertisers love to pat themselves on the back.

    • TC17 said:

      lolz haters gona hate. winners gona win.

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        My problem with the awards is that they are popping out faster than pimples on a teenager’s face. But I’m no hater. Good Luck at the “Teta Latifeh’s Awards for Creativity”.

      • Admin I said:

        The effies are well known, not as prestigious as the Lynx or Cannes, but at least comparable with the MENA Crystals.. I don’t see what’s wrong with having more award shows..

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        Comparable to the MENA Cristals? Thanks for proving my point. The MENA Cristals is crap.

    • untitled1 said:

      EsteemedAdCritic, you’re comments never seize to amuse me. You always seem to have your foot in your mouth when you comment. You seriously have a lot of catching up to do – if you wish to live up to your pompous nickname, that is! Start by reading up on the EFFIE awards here:

  4. Awards are like hemorrhoids sooner or later every a**hole gets one.

    • josef said:

      Did you get one yourself?

      • The hemorrhoids or the awards? Please be specific.

    • josef said:

      well in both cases the result would be the same wouldn’t be…
      maybe if you get more specific yourself about the a**holes in your comment, because with all respect coming up with such lame posts is not worthy of this blog.

      • The a**holes? Well, ahem, you obviously are not in the ad business. Or wait, maybe you ARE and therefore have no idea how deep you have gone… “All of us are in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” – Oscar Wilde.

  5. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    One more question begs to be asked: Is this an award for the best copycat of the year?
    1-The “Last Summer on Earth” is a local adaptation of Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign.
    2-“Vote for Jeita” Is a blatant ripoff of a famous American spot.

    No wonder these ads won an award for efficiency.
    After all, when you copy ads you do save the agency a lot of time and money.

    • josef said:

      I am surprised you didn’t include the biggest rip-off of all: HIMAYA, how could you miss that, and it got gold!

      • untitled1 said:

        That is, because, our Esteemed Ad Critic works for Leo Burnett Beirut. Like, Duh!

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        If you think I work at Leo Burnett, then you obviously haven’t been following my posts.

      • untitled1 said:

        Obviously. Not that i have been missing out on such deep and thorough insight on advertising 😉

  6. Pablo Escobar. said:

    “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal”
    Pablo Pikasso

    • Admin I said:

      Pikasso is not a really good example to prove a point; an arrogant copycat himself.

  7. AssteamAdCritic said:

    Hey, is trolling allowed on this blog 🙂

    • Admin I said:

      nothing is restricted here :))

    • EsteemedAdCritic said:

      Trolling is the art of “cleverly” pissing off people via the internet.
      Until you are capable of trolling, you don’t have to worry about permission.

  8. AssteamAdCritic said:

    Thanks for the definition. Did you just Google that bro?

  9. Pablo Chocolatebar said:

    I Iove Trolls, they are from Trollhattan, Sweden where SAABs were built and no I didn’t google that.

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