Chateau Ka Goes pad-ad

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Chateau Ka “Source Blanche” Goes pad-ad

By Admin I: Whether you liked the Buzz ads or not, or whether you think they were stolen or not, I’m very sure you were eager to see another work by “Nathalie Masri’, the freelance creative behind last year’s advertising extravaganza.

Chateau Ka recently released a TVC for its “Source Blanche” white wine, that fits the summer season quite well, except the fact that I’m not allowed to drink it, being a man, or at least this is what the ad showed (let’s assume there’s an unreleased sequel, featuring a man’s needs *dirty mind starts functioning*).

This TVC’s only good feature is Caroline Labaki’s lens, having an over-the-top cliche copywriting, a boring act and an over all approach that seemed tailored for Kotex. The main fail here is the total absence of a relevant USP. What are we dealing with? Wine, or chocolate or tampons? The script fits every single product-line and lacks the basic substance of a well targeted approach, not to mention the humor, that’s not very, umm, humorous.

*Beeep* no.

Chateau Ka “Source Blanche” understands those little self-indulgent moments, and is proud to be part of (some of) them.

Creative: Nathalie Masri
Production House: kapitän kühn
Director: Caroline Labaki
DOP: Tony El Khazen

  1. N. said:

    chateau Ka fits my summer blondiness perfectly ^^
    wait, is blanc the new rosé? ouft hayet el hipster so3bé

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Any credibility this post had flew out of the window the minute you praised Caroline Labaki. The thing I dislike most about this ad is the directing.

  3. taza said:

    comment no: 3

  4. h said:

    I agree with admins. i mean why take things personal, yes this ad fits more a tampax or pad direction, not wine!

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