Republique Beirut wakes up: Together We Celebrate

Republique Beirut wakes up: Together We Celebrate

By Admin I : It seriously feels like ages since the last Republique release, which feels weird simply because the agency kept scoring well after the successful ‘Sleep comfort’ and ‘Mukhi Sisters’ campaigns. But again, nothing is weird in a country where creatives don’t give a damn about criticism and feedback.

‘Together we celebrate’  announces an Independence day following a ‘nobody likes to celebrate alone’ concept. Mehh, feels good, looks good but totally lacks the edge that characterized Republique’s earlier works; so guys, doing ‘safe’ work to probably attract more clients is just very very disappointing, and again, the occasion itself is not an excuse since it’s still fertile for new ideas.

So, what is really a slip in this campaign is the absence of the surprise element; it all gets revealed since the first second and leaves the time coder as redundant as it can get. Hinting a birthday bash could’ve came with no color connotations so the revealer would have a stronger impact, though we really appreciate the cheese-free approach..

At least that’s what we think, or what we expect from a team that proved high creative potentials.

Lebanon will probably celebrate alone, Cheers!


Creative Agency: Republique Beirut

Production House: Wonderful Productions

  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t expect more from Republique.
    They way you put it, you make it sound like Republique is Wieden+Kennedy Beirut, or as if a big creative powerhouse was having a bad streak. Which is as far from the truth as a Lebanese star saying they’ve never had a nose job. Republique was never good, to begin with.

    The Mukhi Sisters campaign was a cheap rip-off of a famous classic. Sleep Comfort was ‘inspired’, unfunny and deja-vu, and this independence ad comes as the fly on top of the shit.

    It’s time these so-called ’boutique agencies’ took a reality check. And I don’t just mean Republique, but also Nineteen84 and Interesting Times. With their limited client list and comfortable deadlines, they are already more “creatively privileged” than big agencies. They are expected to outperform the competition.

    If you’re a boutique agency and all you can come up with is scams and copycats, then you’re not worthy of any merit. The Dubai Lynx is not a success-o-meter. Hell, even Clementine has one.

    PS – Please delete my first post.

    • Admin I said:

      would you like to develop that into a full post??

      • EsteemedAdCritic said:

        How long does it have to be to qualify as a full post? I’m kinda lazy.

      • Admin I said:

        as long as you want, depends on your own style of writing.. it could be only a paragraph. Yalla couch potato!!

  2. ahmad said:

    i love it its direct from the heart

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