Chaos and frozen veggies combo

943504_568833726489938_1923215653_n601325_541871872519457_1183478395_nChaos and frozen veggies combo

By Admin I: so here’s a light advertising post after the series of opinionated design posts that caused a severe indigestion to many.

Al-Wadi Al-Akhdar launched an outdoor promoting their Halloum and stuff, okay we don’t really care, but the combination of failing humour and a 90s design treatment is worth a small commentary.

It’s a really courageous step when brands rely on alternative routes to deliver an idea, illustration for example, bringing up the fun in the brand and engaging the audience. What was done here is a mix of two competing entities: a reach for illustration, and (we’re just assuming), the client insisting on the ‘traditional’ pack shot. The mix clearly doesn’t work as the two elements look detached, stuck and forced (hit us with any extra synonym!).

The copywriting issue is one of many discussed earlier. It’s a potentially good idea, clinging to insights, but the language structure and even the type treatment looks too amateurish to even discuss!  The slant, the coloured band at the bottom, and the overall chaos reminds of the 90s ad extravaganza.

Earlier this year, Al-Wadi Al-Akhdar redesigned its packages going to a minimal ‘white’ feel, that probably helped enhancing the fresh feel of the product without detaching it from its old identity.

What we’re saying in the end is simply that whether you sell frozen veggies or jewellery, communicating ideas shouldn’t be taken for granted, just dig in your type library or do your own lettering with some visual research, even though a field search for local insights would do better.

Cheers to that Halloum!


  1. Hey Ibrahim… No wait… Hey Iman… Let me try once more…. Hey Ilham/Ignace/ihasan/etc… AKA anonymous admin I…. You are right this seems the case for a “new” campaign dipped in hesitating client sauce. By the way, I am back from the dead – and NOT as a zombie!

    • Admin I said:

      A client’s blue cheese sauce.
      Told you, you resurrect like Jesus, though he’s cooler!

      • He took 3 days, I took 1. But then you’re right, he does it every year and most of the years twice (except when it is one of those odd one when Catholic and Orthodox Easters coincided).

  2. Jaques Abyad said:

    Dear (name deleted),
    Would you like to explain to me why you have deleted the previous post and you’re about to delete this one?

    • Admin I said:

      Because you have no right to mention names that are irrelevant to the topic.
      Discuss the post itself if you have any commentary.

  3. Jaques Abyad said:

    I was just helping out Tarek.

    How is it possible that the writer’s name is irrelevant to the post he wrote.

    • Tarek is a big boy, he doesn’t need help Jaques. Admin I told me “hit me up when you feel like having coffee”. And I replied “I will settle for the coffee everyone else seems to be happy “hitting” you.” For some people the message is more important than the persona – check a guy named J.D. Salinger if you want to have references. Or a chick called Greta Garbo…. Some people are not comfortable in the spotlight.

  4. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    Thank you In3am for this post. Who’s the agency behind it?

  5. a said:

    It’s funny how a kettle is calling a pot black.

    And in case you didn’t get it, it’s about the “amateur” reference.

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