Copycats in disguise

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Meet Admin HY, an old/new contributor as he was there since the idea came up. Found in a basket next to the trash by Admin I and Admin N, a very loud person with increasing levels of happy hormones, chicken-related steroids and indecisive decisions. Admin HY is an aspiring designer with a fresh eye, and a never changing ‘basic’ fashion taste (though he thinks he’s a trendsetter). Welcome to Brofessional Review!

Copycats in disguise 

By Admin HY: It’s known, it’s out there and it’s almost a fact. Brofessional Review has proved it so many times that it’s not even questionable anymore: Our advertising and design scene mostly rely on copying from abroad! Yes, we copy, but what we’re tackling in this post is a different way of copying, stealing, reworking and getting inspired*.

After the news about Clementine’s latest scandalous copy from an intern (the smart YASA ad line), we got another story, and this time, the copy comes from a field where creativity is a minimum requirement, it’s not a blah advertising scene, but a Lebanese cinema festival!

Meet Stephanie Richa, a Lebanese Graphic designer, an ex art director, who’s currently doing her masters in Italy. Back in 2010, Stephanie shared her final university project online, sent it to some festivals & some design houses in Beirut (that’s her full right, not even debatable) and of course, showed it to some friends. Her stop motion ‘Rab el Banadoura’ is super cool, humorous and well done, an experimental time-based (you know, a la ALBA and stuff).
Now try to watch the new TVC by “Blackbird FX” (software geeks that lack conceptual work, as shown in their website ) for Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya Arab Film Festival, you’d notice how similar both approaches are: the idea, the music and of course the dramatic ending. Although the TVC is absurd (not in a cool way) and leaves you with a “what the hell” moment by excellence, you can’t but realize that it’s a rip off.

Note that looking at these people’s previous work, another copy comes to mind: a music video for Lebanese singer Elissa, a direct rip-off of a known ad. (Director’s responsibility, but still).

So what the hell is wrong with you people? Are you for real? Taking students work? Taking advantage of their portfolios and fresh ideas? Look, if you already have shitty attempts, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to take someone else’s work, build on it and reproduce, just because you have the resources. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Couldn’t you be a bit smarter and change at least the song used in the bus? I mean come on! And please, spare me the “it’s a coincidence” argument.

And you wonder why we’re so angry, and you wonder why we have so much hate to express, and you wonder why we end up leaving this country and it’s f’ed up design scene. *insert dramatic music* *violin and feathers*

Copy cats, I wish you burn in hell!

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  1. Lebanon’s design scene/outgrowing failed agencies/numerous so called “designers” that end up designing a bunch of cheap event posters is what creates a sad and a cheap world. A cheap world where instead of contacting this Stephanie Richa to create the TVC and pay for her effort, they go steal her work.
    May you all “philosophical” so called designers copy cats burn in hell. Amen.

    ps: seriously? a truck’s wheel in someone’s face? wow.. that’s so cool and unique i love how it doesn’t make sense!

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