Men El Ekhir TV promo: Inspired*

Men El Ekhir TV promo: Inspired* (more like a copy-paste)

By Admin I: It is when a show discussing originality, success, creativity, innovation, artists, designers and creatives goes downhill hitting rock bottom even before starting its 3rd season.

Yes, it did get redundantly boring in its 2nd season with many promotional segments that made it look  like the old Morico Tv-Shopping, but at least it remained one relatively interesting show, or maybe the only prime time that is watchable on local TV. But no. You cannot copy a famous video that got virally spread on the web, you just cannot, simply because your audience is not the typical mainstream. Your audience is exposed to international creative work and you cannot act with such an irresponsible manner! (Someone got too arrogant to think originally i guess!)

It’s maybe okay, or what you’ll just call “ca vaaa, it’s just a tv promo” but for me, it’s way beyond. It’s more of a reflection of what’s happening in all creative fields. Copy paste Copy paste with no alterations!

Let’s just cut the crap!

Cheers to originality peeps! 

  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    You know, it’s ironic, because “Men El Ekhir” crew spend a great deal of their time bashing commercials.

    • Admin I said:

      true, that was when the show was watchable, now it became just a useless entertainment something..

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