Silkor’s “Look at me! I’m a baby! I sell!”

Silkor’s “Look at me! I’m a baby! I sell!”

By Admin G: We all saw the new campaign of Silkor. You simply cannot miss that cute little thing.

The equation of Silkor was easy: we exhibit a cute baby face; we associate it to a line, we spend an amount of $***,*** for outdoors, and we create awareness!

The use of a baby is always a success in advertising. It has been proven. Mabrouk!

Well, the association was done in a pretty good way: 15 years anniversary with a “Baby Skin Forever” the line hits well. However the idea of hair removal associated to a pretty baby face is a bit creepy, I think. They simply could have pushed it a little bit further and make a less plain visual out of it.

Well, we appreciate the second degree thinking, but couldn’t it say ‘Baby Skin Forever’ in a smarter visual approach? Without the ‘Pampers’ European looking baby? The concept has so much potentials to play on without going as pedophile as this campaign went.

What I mean is, if you remove the Silkor logo and put instead Nivea, Nader Saab or whatever it is, it would also work, no?

  1. Fadi said:

    No it wouldn’t ….. You have neglected to mention that this campaign revolving around the brand’s essence has been ongoing for more than 15 years …. I believe at this stage they own it …. Whether its too plain is your opinion but i think ,and in Lebanon at least , we are beyond showing functional benefits of brands … Not to mention that at a time where our country witnesses so many unappealing visual ques every day – within a societal content ; for once we can look around and smile !

    • Admin I said:

      they associated an innocent baby with sexy skin/hair removal. Sick and creepy.

  2. HishamAD said:

    Horrible. I have never seen an ad by silkor that didn’t make me go WTF?
    Remember the baby bottles cheers? Come in!

  3. Fadi said:

    If your expectation was a sexy lady leg ….. then i would understand your frustration(s) ….

    • Admin I said:

      Seems you missed the post, no, the blog.

  4. Fadi said:

    I miss rational thinking which makes sense not just criticism without clear thinking behind it .. “With all due respect”

    • EsteemedAdCritic said:

      You must be a Silkor’s regular, because you talk like a baby.

      • Fadi said:

        And you must be unprofessional replying to me like this rather then engaging in a fruitful blog thread

      • Fadi said:

        And you must be unbrofessional replying to me like this rather then engaging in a fruitful blog thread

  5. laura said:

    Actually if you look at the ad from the Silkor point of view your mind cannot but relate the slogan with the picture and for them to celebrate 15 years by reviving an old ad (1997) is a very smart and a creative thing! To each his own.

    • Admin I said:

      Laura, unfortunately, advertising speaks to an audience, not to clients. The ad is quite disturbing if you come to think about it. The baby idea could’ve been taken to another level, going a bit indirect was the key here.

  6. Laura said:

    But isn’t what you see is what you get!
    I agree ads cater to all, however looking in-depth into an ad is a critique’s task and not the public! Numerous responses on their facebook page showed otherwise. Responses marveling at the cuteness of the baby and the nostalgia of the 1997 baby skin forever ad flooded the page positively rather than mocked it!
    I do apologize, your argument has weak background research, especially in regards to Silkor’s anniversary ad.

    • Admin I said:

      The last thing to be done here is to research a brand’s history of campaigns. This campaign has a negative connotation, whether they want to believe in that or not. It’s definitely their problem.. The audience does look in details and we as brofessionals or professionals shouldn’t take it for granted.

  7. Laura said:

    critic’s *

  8. Laura said:

    As you wish! I still strongly believe the argument is very weak and broad! Want to consider “baby” sexuality and ads? I advise you to look at all the baby ads and target them accordingly with the brofessional approach you’re taking.

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