TBWA\Raad\Lebanon Promising newness



TBWA\Raad\Lebanon Promising newness

By Admin I : So TBWA\Raad has finally landed in Lebanon despite the financial challenges  and the huge recession that this field is suffering form. Lebanese creatives are losing their regional jobs, and foreigners are leading this very intended war against the Lebanese presence in the regional agencies; but yes. We are no longer the most creative hardworking people around, and yes, we can become a bunch of useless junkies overrating themselves, though I’m only sure of one thing: we can still restart, from inside out, from local reaching the regional, and TBWA\Raad should play that leading role adding to the very very minimal competition in this cluttered Beiruti market, after several wins abroad.


Speaking of TBWA\Raad’s regional wins, the level is quite promising being one of the most consistent performers year-on-year in the Lynx, the Cristals and even Cannes. The agency is relatively young but managed to score quite high (no, this post is not sponsored, we wish!!)

TBWA’s refurbished presence (after splitting the affiliation with RizkGroup) is taking a quite casual approach focusing on the personal interaction between staff and audience and hinting ‘accessibility’ through a set of fun videos and an active facebook page.

A group having fun is always better than a pretentious multinational. Anticipating some buzz you guys!

  1. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    If the new TBWA Beirut proves to be anything like TBWA Dubai, then I think Leo Burnett Beirut is in for some serious competition.

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