Terranet brings back competition

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Terranet brings back competition 

By Admin I:  after a long period of practically no advertising campaigns in town, a period when the most creative outdoor was a badly illustrated cheese ad, Terranet came back to release its 3G internet dongle campaign that’s one of the very best works of the past 2-3 months. It would be very sad to know that the campaign was not produced in Lebanon (or for Lebanon), but it’s worth noting that the links, or the metaphoric associations used are pretty damn smart. The ad is layered: exaggerated illustrations that interfere with photography, a blend that looks very interesting and well executed (though it’s not technically a piece of cake), so Tarek, we have to disagree.

So it’s a very well done visual, an even better concept, but a glitch with the message. Psy is instantly recognizable and very funny, Willy Wonka takes some time, and Mark Zuckerwhatever takes a whole lot more to stare and think. The layering in this campaign made it harder to perceive, and definitely not suitable to be an outdoor distributed all over Lebanon, where very few can identify with. It made it no longer second degree, borderline far-fetched.

Good job with art direction and concept, but Terranet definitely missed using the right medium for the right audience. Wake up advertising!!

  1. كنت على وشك أن أسأل إن كنتم ستعلّقون على حملة “تيرّانيت” الأخيرة. وها أنا هنا أقرأ تعليقكم. لن أعلّق على البراعة في خلط المستويات التصويرية ما بين الرسم والفوتوغرافيا، لقد قلتم ما يلزم. فيبقى أن ما عندي قوله بسيط جدّا: تقع الحملة مجدّدا في فخّ التواصل البيعد كلّ البعد عن الجمهور الذي تهدف “تيرّانيت” الى إيصال الرسالة له. ويلي وانكا ومارك وساي بدّن ما يواخزونا لأنو مش زابطة معن ولا مع الأجانس اللي قررت أنو تستعملن وتاخد تحصيل حاصل أنو الجمهور، قاطبة، بيعرفوا هودي الشخصيّات المحترمة. وكلنا منعرف أنو الإنترنت خدمة شعبية جمهورا واسع، “ماس أوديانس” ومش حكر بس على اللي بيتذكر ويلي وانكا وبحر الشوكولا تبعو.
    إي فوالا.

    • Admin I said:

      true, we pointed out this issue ya 3azizati.

  2. EsteemedAdCritic said:

    I’m sorry but a good illustration does not save a bad and outdated concept. Internet that never leaves you for 6 months? Really? Oh and it’s definitely not an outdoor campaign.

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