Even ‘BUZZ’ is inspired*: the creative replies

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Even ‘BUZZ’ is inspired*: the creative replies

By Admin I: After questioning the ‘BUZZ’ campaign’s originality and the whole extravaganza it created on social media platforms and Lebanese blogs, the freelance creative behind the campaign had to reply in order to clarify this big issue. We honestly find her reply very grounded and logical, even though we don’t totally buy it; stuff do happen, but whenever one has a background in advertising and in agency work, being familiar to award winning international campaigns becomes a must. Reseach, research, research. This whole dilemma could’ve been avoided by a simple online research, but in the end as Nathalie brilliantly stated it, the Buzz campaign’s success is not linked to the format, nor to the scenario, instead it was due to the relevance of the lebanese insights that made the whole campaign.

We’ll be Mary Poppins for a day, and won’t fight that argument, just because we greatly encourage some more freelance creativity to take place in the age of corporate capitalism.

The full text reply:


My name is Nathalie Masri and I am the freelance creative behind the Buzz campaigns. Although, the work is a result of a group effort of highly skilled people, the concept responsibility lies with me and this is why I am contacting you directly in the hopes that you’ll share my message:

Today, the Mello Yello ad was brought to my attention. I was as shocked as all of you to see it, especially as it was the first time I come across it. It also seriously disturbed me as I value creativity and originality above all else. I unfortunately cannot think of a way of proving it was not copied and that it is a matter of creative coincidence.

That being said, I do believe the Buzz campaign’s success is not linked to the classic “wrong, wrong, right” format, nor to one classic “international” scenario between a couple at a pub, but because of the relevance of the lebanese insights that made the whole campaign.


  1. Ibrahim Lahoud said:

    Don’t buy it! Will not buy it! Sorry.

    ONE similarity is coincidence… One hundred is plagiarism! Please, do not insult my intelligence.

    And if in the impossibly remote possibility that Miss Masri is right, then she’s twice as guilty. Research, of course research!

  2. a friend said:

    Please enlighten us, how do you research to find that an idea already exists?

    • Dudette said:

      Dude it is very easy. you go on google or youtube. you search for “drink ad true false commercial” or “drink commercial” or “buzz commercial” or “different scenarios commercial” or “soft drinks commercials” you watch them all, you make sure nothing looks like your ad. you feel secure so you film your ad, you post it, people like it, a lot of people like it, and this is exactly when a blogger finds an ad that was done in 1910 that looks the same like yours. he posts it and you are in deep shit.
      why did he find it and not you??? cause life is unfair in that way!!

      • Admin I said:

        hilariously true!

      • If someone found the copy “after”…. I guess it would be as easy to find it before!

      • a friend said:

        thx Dudette, i have an idea for a tvc, i am gonna start researching now so i can present it in a year or so. will keep you posted 😉

      • Admin I said:

        It’s a choice. Don’t research and you’ll end up being called a copycat and losing the client. It shouldn’t be a mass production business, or else call it a’souk el a7ad’ creative business.

  3. josef said:

    plenty of agencies fall into that trap, even big multinationals. some had the guts to admit it, some others plunged their head into the sand.
    I was very deceived that the Buzz format was copied although I prefer the lebanese version more…
    another deception after Touch My plan fiasco…
    too bad, I really liked both campaigns 😦

  4. Dudette said:

    how can one be sure that he researched well, everything, every single possibility?
    really i want to know.

    • Admin I said:

      You cannot, it’s beyond abilities.. But one should at least do this research task for the sake of not feeling guilty later on.. Agencies are barely researching, I’m sure you know that very very well.

      • Dudette said:

        we do research but i admit not with the same determination as you guys :))

  5. Nevermind said:

    The buzz campaigns were brilliantly copied. No its not a classic wrong, wrong, right format that we see everyday nor it’s a coincidence the same big red X nor that they both are for refreshment ads nor that they both have the same proposition. Those ads could’ve been treated in 20 different ways but ended up the same.
    As I said they were so brilliantly copied that they did even a better job than the originals something some multinationals failed to do so bravo for that and I mean it.

  6. Najib said:

    I personally don’t give a f*ck if this commercial was stolen or not. Any wise man would know that the success of the BUZZ campaigns wasn’t built on the “wrong, wrong, right” format. This format is used and abused. You can check Twix campaign that’s currently running, which is also based on the same format, wrong then right (with the same sound effects as well!)
    The reason behind the huge BUZZ success was the use of local insights, delivered in an extremely funny way.
    It’s not the ‘wrong wrong right’ that got them 133000 views, it was the idea and the local insight. No theft was done here, hats off to the creative behind this campaign.

    • josef said:

      you started saying “I don’t give a f*ck if it is stolen or not”… admitting indirectly that it was in fact stolen but you didn’t mind that since you appreciate the local insight (which is basically delivering the same ad in ARABIC… wow what an insight)… yet you ended it with “No theft done here, hats of to the creative…”
      so I am a little bit confused:
      how on earth did you reach the conclusion that “no theft was done”? your brain didn’t analyze the clear copying from the original ad posted in here? you think the original version is too different from the copied one? maybe because in the original one they don’t speak ARABIC so there is no lebanese insight in it?
      please get some solid argumentation if you plan to make a solid defense.
      this is a COPYCAT, pure and simple, admitting it won’t hurt at all.

      • Najib said:

        If I had a dollar for every time you made sense, I would still be broke.

  7. Carlo said:

    It’s the rich idiots era…. where nobody reads nobody investigates, and some can be stars from nothing…..well i say. ……( it’s easy to be a star , in the idiots Land )…..

  8. charbel said:

    hmmm… Even the sound effects are the same!?!? come-on!

  9. MN said:

    cant even comment, sooo typical of us

  10. Tony D said:

    I frankly don’t see any copy/paste in the 2 ads. Sorry to say that but those are totally different ads, either in the concept or in the message or in anything! 2 years ago, i thought of creating a similar ad and when i saw the Buzz one, i said to myself : “Damn! They did it before me!”…. In all case, i think Kassatly should thank this blog for increasing the awareness of its Buzz tvc AT NO COST ! 😉

  11. bassam said:

    i need some info about the company “kassatly” any help plz

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